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So.. who's the better coach?
Too soon to tell. They both seem pretty good so far. The first week they both said it's an honor to assume the responsibility and that they love coaching. They have their full coaching teams with them. Last week, week two, they focused more on Valentina's coaching. She took them out to the Mojave desert to get away from the gym and do some training in nature. Some of the fighters mentioned she trains hard and thoroughly and they find it inspirational.
Hmm my usual directory of rivers doesn't seem to have TUF at all
In episode 3, featherweights Kaan Ofii and Nathan Fletcher squared off. The two have different backgrounds. Ofii is from Australia, where his family faced tough times. He suffered abuse and poverty at a young age and reinvented himself, moving to Bali where he coaches and trains at a new gym. Fletcher had a more stable upbringing. Born and raised in Liverpool he trains with the team of Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann.

In the fight Kaan took immediate control, forcing Fletcher to the ground and doing great work with ground and pound. Round 2 Fletcher had more sucess with his hands and even got a takedown, but Kaan showed his black belt bjj prowess by regaining top control thus winning the round and the fight. Kaan looked seasoned and well rounded with an active violent streak. Look forward to seeing his next fight.

Both coaches continue to impress with their commitment and professionalism. After losing its first matchup Team Grasso now leads 2-1. Next week features middleweights who have each won six in a row.
Omran Chaaban has the craziest blended accent.

Maybe Finnish Dutch Arabic meathead with occasional Irish lilt
Episode four. This week it's the re-scheduled fight between Middleweights Omran Chaaban, 23, of Finland and Shamidkhan Magomedov, 29, of Russia. Team Grasso Middleweight Robert Valentin asked to help train this week. Alexa said sure no problem and the other guys like him. He's the Swiss guy who scored the 18 second KO via elbow in his first match. The featured fighters train and tell their stories. Chaaban who stands 6'1" is on Team Grasso. Mogomedov, 5'10, was the first pick for Team Shevchenko. They study tapes of their opponents to assess strengths and weaknesses. Magomedov focuses on wrestling and grappling. Chaaban considers himself well rounded with an emphasis on jiu jitsu.

Round 1 Magomedov shoots for a takedown and winds up with standing back control. Chaaban shucks him off and they return to their feet. Magomedov remains aggressive and continues into a clinch. Magomedov has top control at the end of the round though he hasn't inflicted much damage. In Round 2 Chaaban is more active, scoring a brutal knee to the face. Magomedov gets top position and spends time on a leg lock but doesn't crank it. He looks tired. Chaaban wins a scramble and locks in a choke from which Magomedov is squeezed unconscious. The official call is Chaaban by technical submission. With the quarterfinals half done, Team Grasso is up 3-1.

Next week features Featherweights Zygimantas Ramaska of Lithuania who has a bunch of knockouts vs. Bekhzod Usmonov of Tajikstan, a scrappy guy with bare knuckle experience. The promo says it's one of the most action packed fights in Ultimate Fighter history. Look forward to this banger.
Quite surprised by the result of the above, I always assume the Magomedov wins especially against European guys who probably aren't strong wrestlers.