Trying to make an injured shoulder suck less... (5x5-based log)


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Oct 15, 2006
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Well, I thought it might finally be time to start a log. I
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Good stuff I'll be checking this log out, looks like you made some good gains from 5x5 so keep it up!

Nothing wrong with having a good physique, dont feel like you need to be a fatboy powerlifter - you can be strong and look good. Lots of olympic lifters and powerlifters who are not in the Heavyweights/Superheavyweights have great physiques and theyve probably never done a day of bodybuilding style training in their lives! If you can achieve a good physique while training for strength, its a good thing!
I guess it's an association thing for me really. I don't like that people think I'm vein enough to train for aesthetics... and I'm not really comfortable getting that kind of attention.

As for my gains. I've rarely failed since I started the 5X5. The concept of not training to failure really helps my motivation, and if I do fail a set, I usually rest for 3-5 minutes and do it again with success (I seem to be able to keep my strength up pretty well through the sets). I've only walked home twice feeling like a failure, and both times I've made my lifts in the next session.
That way, I may not have improved as much as some, but I've been hitting almost all my goals on time.

In the period where I gained weight fast I kept getting pissed off by my BP results. Every two weeks or so I'd think I'd finally 5x'ed more than my body weight only to find that I had gained weight at the same speed as I improved my BP :D

I finally stopped measuring my manhood through the bench press... I mean - we all know it's all about big squats and deadlifting, right? :D

Squats and deadlifts are also about as far away from curlmonkey'ing as I can imagine, so focusing on those lifts really help me feel good about myself :p

Oh! maybe I should add that I'm now training in a powercage in the basement of the place I live (something a bit like dorms in the US). Somehow I convinced people that I should be given the money to order a cage, a bench, a barbell and 205kg. / 452lbs. in weights.
Lifting without mirrors and metrosexuals really help with the focus not to mention that not even having to leave the house to work out is awesome... Now to getting some money for a better heavy bag....
Well if people think youre a bodybuilder even though youre training for strength, that is a compliment really and a testament to your training methods that they can achieve both strength and a good physique.

Sadly, most people assume that anyone who goes to the gym and lifts weights is only doing it to look good but at least there are forums like these where you can chat to like minded individuals who understand what its all about.

Tuesday was my first day back training MA.
Grappling went better than expected - not much pain in my shoulder, and I had not been left behind in the dust by the other guys there. Standup was fine too. My balance needed a bit of work, but over all it was really really really nice to be back, and my condition hadn't dropped noticeably.

Wednesday was time for DL, SOHP, wide grip pull ups and light squats.
I had planned to try out front squats or overhead squats that day, but I had to change my ambitions when I realized how sore I was after my first day back training MA. I ended up calling Wednesday a do-over, as I wasn't fit to do more than 3 sets of my DLs (my form deteriorated fast).
It was my first day back doing SOHP at lower reps (5x5), but it went pretty well - I've lost 11lbs./5kg. or so, but I'll get that back on the bar in no time. My ego won't let me only do 132lbs./60kg. for 5.
The wide grip pull ups had me worried. I hadn't been doing those at all for months by order of my physiotherapist. I've been doing close grip chins instead, so I decided to ease slowly into the pull ups. I did 3x3, but even that hurt my shoulder and had me quite worried, so I don't quite know where I'll go with that.

Next Wednesday will have to be the same weight on the deadlifts, but I'm okay with that - first time back training (especially grappling) is tough on the core and the shoulders.

Today (Thursday) I didn't have anything physical planned, but a buddy called and we ended up doing 3 hours of sparring grappling at mixed intensities. It felt great, and my shoulder didn't complain much as long as I didn't ask too much of it.

Overall the shoulder seems to be doing pretty well. I'll let it rest over the weekend and hopefully the soreness and discomfort that I do feel will go away.
Did my bench/squat/BOR today.

I've decided that this entire week is a do-over in regard to the 5x5 schedule. Being back training and finally starting up a lot of my lifting properly has made me unable to reach my goals. I've been sore and a bit tired.

Bench and BOR I've been doing for 12 reps the last few weeks (PT's orders) and before that I hadn't done them for months, so this was my first day at 5 reps. Felt okay - hit 198lbs. /90kg. on the bench and the exact same on the BOR... both of them are a bit below what I used to lift, but it's not as bad as I had feared.
Pyramid to 198lbs. / 90kg. benchpress (lost some strength here)
5x242.5lbs. / 110kg. squat (ATG)
5x187lbs. / 85kg. BOR

Nothing too bad.

Didn't go to bed between monday and tuesday as I had to write an assignment. I did grab a 2
Pretty good workout today. I felt strong and am glad I pushed my second and third workouts this week to thursday and saturday.

SOHP: 5x5x132lbs. / 60kg. - this one has been suffering from my injury break, but today I felt like I could have done more... good stuff!
Light squats
Deadlift: 5x5x298lbs. / 135kg. - quite doable today
Pull-ups: 5x5xBW - It still hurts a lot when I try going for the wide grip, so today was close grip again :( I really need to get going on the pull-ups - for some reason I've been making up excuses for not adding weight, even though I have a dip belt lying around. Maybe it's because they are the last exercise I do on these days.
Subscribed! I've got a bad shoulder too, over 20 separations in the past 9 years.
Alright. Yesterday felt pretty good.

5x 198lbs. / 90kg on the bench didn't feel too hard.
pyramid to 254lbs. / 115kg. ATG squat was very doable - hard but under control. I tried widening me stance somewhat and for some reason it felt nice and stable this time. In the past I've often felt like I was twisting my knees as I went down.
pyramid to 193lbs. / 87,5kg. BOR wasn't too hard either.

My knees have been a bit sore for the last week or so, but that seems to have gone away. Sadly I'm getting a bit sick it seems - hopefully I'll be healty by monday for my next workout.

My shoulder has been feeling quite good the last few days. It was a bit sore for the first few sets on the bench, but nothing special.
No training so far this week, I'm sick :(

This really sucks...
Holy shit! That's a lot.... From the MT training or from grappling?

I fell off my bike in the 7th grade although martial arts hasn't helped. :redface:

I've been a southpaw for the last 3 years because of it, but we'll keep that a secret between you and me, I don't want someone using this information against me. :icon_chee
Friday was a bitch. Most likely because I was weak after being sick, but it still didn't help my mental game to fail the pyramid to 254lbs./115kg..

Today I had to do it for a full five sets - 5x5x254lbs./115kg... and I bloody did it! It was the hardest squatting of my life, but it forced me to sort out my foot position a bit. I've always been using my back a bit too much, and that gets harder and harder when the weights go up (due to the center of balance being off.). Today I went a bit wider with my stance and forced myself to hold the bar a bit lower on my back, even though I don't feel quite comfortable with it there. It helped the balance to the point where I could be pushing myself for 5-10 seconds to finish the last rep without ending up in a bad good morning. As is often the case for me the first set was the hardest, and after that one I really had my doubts about the rest :D

Other than that I did:
BP: pyramid to 204lbs./92.5kg.
BOR: 5x5x193lbs./87.5kg.
lovely... I was given an error message the first two times I tried to post, and when I refreshed the reply wasn't there....
Man... I'm sore...

I was a stiff and a bit sore in my lower back after yesterdays workout, and I didn't get nearly enough sleep (no sleep during the night, slept from 1 pm. to 5 pm.) so MA today was a bit tough.
I did very well but I'm sore as hell now, and my bad should hurts quite a lot. I really hope that stops by tomorrow.

Looks like I'll be lifting thursday and saturday this week as well - I need the rest tomorrow.