Truth Fight Shorts--wrong size...will sell for a deal

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by azizam77, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. azizam77 Guest


    I just bought a pair of Truth Fight Shorts, black, size 36. I have only tried them on once..and that too only for 5 minutes. They are just a bit too big for me...I think the 34's would do me better...

    In anycase, rather than returning them, ( i need some extra shorts ASAP, I ordered my 34's today),

    I am willing to take a $5 hit and offer them up for $20 Paypal'd, shipping included.

    Please PM me if you are interested.
  2. chute_boxe_101 White Belt

    Nov 8, 2005
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    Miami, FL
    Thats a good deal, too bad i'm a size 32
  3. Fozzy1 Guest

    when I got my HCK's years ago, they were WAYYYYY too big, but instead of sending them back I just got a seamstress to take them into my proper waiste size.. Cost little to nothing in comparison to ordering a new pair. But hey, we all have our different tastes...

  4. sir037 Forever Noob

    Jan 23, 2004
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    The 909
    For me, it's kind of a trade-off. Yeah they're big in the waist, but they're also roomier in the legs. Great bang for the buck.
  5. Yeah 36s are just a bit too big, but i think the 34s would be abit too small. Im gonna try throwing em in the dryer i think. Anyone tried this?
  6. azizam77 Guest

    I'm scared to ruin them....haha then I'll really be up Sh*T creek...

    anyhow..still available..if anyone wants them...

    They are great shorts..even if I took the waist in, they are a bit baggy for my tastes...I like to have a good amount or room...but too much tends to get in the way....I use them for grappling only, not it works out
  7. perfy Blue Belt

    Jun 24, 2004
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    Do the newest batch of shorts feature designs changes over the last version?

    I had his very first version of board shorts and they were way to tight in the hips and made it impossible to throw high kicks, especially with a cup. Those seemed to be really tight too in the legs and just overall. The last batch had some more room in the hips but still not much room in the legs though the split seam was higher. I also notice that the shorts are well short, they sit about 3.5 inches above the knee. Lastly the drawstrings are too far apart so when you tie it the front tends to bow outwards. For the price though they are a great entry level short and a deal at half the price of competitors.

    As with just about anything else though you pay for quality. While Sprawls may be expensive they are much more comfortable and I feel worth the price. This goes with mma gloves as well ,as I've bought countless pairs like century, harbinger, rogue, woldorf, etc and they aren't nearly as good as fairtex.
  8. possenti I knew all the rules-but the rules did not know me

    Apr 17, 2005
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    The Lower Road
    I just got my first pair (red) also, and I have the same, exact problem. I made a guess on the size by using the sizing tips on the Truth site, and ordered 36 when I should have gotten 34's. They're a little too big in the waist, and I plan on losing and inch or two also, so I'll surely need a 34. Not a problem, though. There's a girl at work who sews all the time, and I'll have her take them in a little.

    Otherwise - I LOVE the shorts. I'll make sure I get 34 when I order the black ones. Keep your stock up, Arclight - I'm coming for more!
  9. azizam77 Guest

    Yeah worst case scenario, I'll have them taken in...but they are still a bit baggy on the hips...even with a cup...good if you are a size 34...I'm like 33...also, I think I dropped a few pounds as I've been training more lately...
    \who knows, but a good deal on some great shorts...still here! PM me if you're interested!

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