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Elections Trump: Putin will do me a favor for future hostage release


Sep 1, 2011
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In a statement on his social media app. Trump said Putin would be releasing an american reporter being help in russia if he wins the election.

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For Ukraine IMHO doesn't matter who will win elections in U.S ....
While for EU better if next POTUS will be dem.
Both Trump and Biden are elderly healthcare patients, sorry for brutal reality.
Sullivan isn't old and still he does need elderly healthcare.
I am not holding my breath, he said the same thing about making Mcdonalds Great Wall of China and that Mexico would pay for it.
"It will be happening sometime, I can't tell you when because I'm definately not selling you some more shit sandwiches, but it will probably be happening somewhere between the time when I release my health care plan and my evidence of election fraud. Will be happening SOON! ANY DAY now, just not today!

We will be paying NOTHING, YOU will. Get those donations in suckers and remember who your buddy is in november!"
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