trouble loging in



im having trouble loging in in the usual space, iv gotten an email to reset the password cut and pasted both the user name and password and still doesnt work.The only way that im able to log on is the admin cp button, then deleate everything in the url after and clicking go, is their a problem w/my acct., is this an acceptable way to log on. thanks
There's no problem with your account, just site technical difficulties. On the Forum Index screen (when you click "home" up at the top of this page), or on any page for that matter, try going down to the bottom and putting the display theme in the Original version. Logging in shouldn't be a problem from there.
Thanks Kabuki. I had the same problem. I wasn't able to log in for the past two days. I thought I was going to have to defect over to :eek:
Not a problem. And no, no defecting. lol
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