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Mar 12, 2011
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So I've been taking GNC's triflex for the past 6 months or so w/ good results. Unfortunately I can't afford to keep taking it. The only product I found w/ the glucosamine, chondroitin AND hyaluronic acid was Trigosamine. Almost 1/3 the $$.

Anybody else used/using Trigosamine?
Conventional wisdom says that companies that have been around for a longer time are more likely to give you what they print on their products, but they can also overcharge a lot at the same time. I don't think anybody truly knows if you get the same amount of product for the money from both companies at the end of the day or if there really is as big of a difference as labels may indicate. You probably knew that, but that's about all I got for you.

Considering nobody really knows if those ingredients actually do anything for real, you'd be hard pressed to find objective reviews. Many doctors say that these ingredients like chondroitin are broken down to the same proteins you get from other stuff anyway, BEFORE they ever do anything in your body. So while a lot of marketing materials say this is best and it helps a lot, it's not exactly a proven fact. They say you are being charged for something that can't possibly get into your system without being broken down, so you would be better off just buying regular protein or simply eating healthy as you will get a wider variety of vitamins and nutrients for less money and would have the pleasure to eat actual food at the same time. Thus I don't know what anybody could possibly tell you. If you are convinced, then you are convinced. You should probably find the same success with a different brand and to be honest, maybe even with a tub of sugar.

If you are 100% positively convinced it works for you, then a sufficient quantity of those ingredients should do the same for you, no matter where they are from. Considering the above, I don't know what you think people will tell you. In addition to not knowing if it really does what you think it does, there's no telling how much really is in those containers and how pure it is either. One batch may well be different from the next, too. One body may actually be able to use it and another maybe not so much. Nobody really knows if it works the same for everyone or not at all. Furthermore one person may swear by a tub of sugar and the next may say test-e doesn't do jack for them. If you want to take that stuff and you think one brand is too expensive you'll most likely buy the other brand. Will it help you if I told you I've taken both over along periods of time, but the second had much better results at a much cheaper price? I think that is the answer you are looking for?

Some links I came across:


About glucosamine and I believe it's even worse for chondroitin (not even bio-available).


Large clinical glucosamine / chondroitin study:

"Overall, there were no significant differences between the other treatments tested and placebo."

"Yes. The original GAIT study included an additional, or ancillary, study to investigate whether these dietary supplements could diminish structural damage from osteoarthritis of the knee. In the ancillary study, interested GAIT patients were offered the opportunity to continue their original study treatment for an additional 18 months, for a total of 2 years. At the end of the ancillary study, the team had gathered data on 581 knees. After assessing the x-ray data, the researchers concluded that glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, together or alone, appeared to fare no better than placebo in slowing loss of cartilage in osteoarthritis of the knee."


See, that's what a lot of doctors are talking about. Imo those products really do little to nothing for a whole lot of money.

And here's another product:

Good luck anyway.
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