Trident Academy in Woodbridge VA


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Apr 9, 2008
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Anyone have any experience with the Trident Academy in Woodbridge, VA? I have looked through all the NOVA BJJ threads but there is only very slight mention about Trident. This gym is the closest to me and looks to be the one I will start training at this summer.

Also, will training with a custom developed training program (Trident Defense System) hinder my abilities to learn pure BJJ and Mauy Thai? I have no MMA experience or ego and I am only 19 years old. I want to make sure I get the correct start into MMA.

Trident Academy of Martial Arts - Home - link to website for reference

Thanks a lot!
Guess no ones heard anything..

Anyone have general opinions about starting MMA with a custom developed program?
Depends what ur looking for, but it looks solid to me.
From what I have seen they have guys who do well in the ring. I have seen trident guys fighting since 2001 over the years and they always are in shape and well trained. Not to say that means the school is great, but if a fighter looks good I usually assume his trainer/gym had alot to do with it.
You should just go in for the free class.
Well I don't know too much about their grappling program, but one of their Muay Thai instructors, Patrick Lee, works here at the DLA here with me. The guy is super cool, he teaches classes here at the DLA center, usually an hour once a week, for free. It's nothing too demanding, we just get together and hit some pads for a little bit. Not entirely sure how much teaching he's doing at Trident these days, he's dealt with a few injuries recently.

Point is, if the BJJ instructors at Trident are half as cool as Pat, it's worth checking out.

I know a few guys from my school, Yamasaki, used to train there and I've never heard any complaints, but they say they got a lot out of the switch.

Just FYI, we have someone teaching in Woodbridge, a brown belt named Joe, another really cool guy, great instructor. Here's the address and number:
4172 Merchant Plz
Woodbridge, VA 22192
(703) 670-5425

Yamasaki has locations all over the place in Northern Va, not to pimp the Academy out too much, but it's a great school, check us out. Jiujitsu Maryland Jiu Jitsu Virginia - Washington DC - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Thai Boxing - Capoeira for adults and children