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Tricky Fingers


White Belt
May 8, 2008
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Hey there,

I need to keep my hands and fingers safe. If I break a finger training, I won't
be able to work.

What can I do while training no-gi BJJ to keep my hands safe?

Thanks for the advice,

The danger without the Gi is not as bad as with the Gi.

As always with injuries, they usually come when you are going crazy. Keep it technical and avoid the rougher training partners and the chance of injuries decreases.

NO-Gi and fingers? Hmmmhh.... be careful when posting your hand on the mat and when scrambling. Other than that I don't think there is any real risk of breaking a finger.

You are less likely to break your fingers doing no-Gi anyway as there is much less likelihood of catching fingers awkwardly while you are rolling. You could try taping your fingers although this will only protect you to a certain degree and will hinder your finger movement range. The taping will help if you have a pre-existing problem with finger(s). Other than that you could try using MMA gloves but that will likely give you another area to hurt yourself. Short of it is you should not break your fingers in No-Gi BJJ.