Treadmill vs. the road

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Nov 9, 2004
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Adjusting the Treadmill for Real Road Pace
Hazen Kent

The Winter season always means readjusting your training regimen. Especially for those living in harsher climates. This usually means indoor cycling on a stationary trainer, indoor swimming for most and on those really harsh days, indoor running on the treadmill. Unlike the stationary bike trainer, however, a treadmill can provide the necessary gravitational resistance by simply adjusting the incline of the machine. And the more you adjust the incline, the closer you come to real road pace.

Each winter, discussion and questions arise based on the differences between running on a treadmill and running on the roads (excluding the obvious environmental factors). And I refer specifically to running speeds on a treadmill compared to those on the road. In fact, running speeds on a treadmill are not equal to those running speeds on the road. Because you are not moving forward on a treadmill, your effort at any comparable pace to that on the roads, is easier because you do not have to overcome air resistance regardless of how calm the day may be outside.

Therefore, if you want to achieve a truer
where's the chart? and I still say running outside is beter. As a las vegas resident you have no reason not to.
I always run outside I just see alot of people asking about it so I put this up. I linked the chart at the very end of the article
I dont see how running on a treadmill would have a negative effect if anything guys with knee injuries would be less likely to take a pounding like you do on the road. Also I know a few older fighters who only run on the treadmill because it is less hard on their shins/knees/ect and they fight 10-12 rounders regularly.
While i dont run on a treadmill unless it is raining or it is extremely hot i do think people can get the same effect from doing so if they learn the right way to do it.
This is me being a puss, but my treadmill has shocks on it so it is absorbed better by my knees..

The only thing that I find good about running outside is it makes you less lazy.. you can run on the treadmill and stop whenever you want and go get something eat/drink or lay down.. when you jog you can't just stop you have to turn around and jog/walk back home.. meaning you can't be as lazy

tho I enjoy the treadmill alot
My knees are fucked. I cycle between a treadmill, a bike, cross trainer(w/ crazy hill inclines) and a rowing machine every workout. Running is good when my knee/shins are not killing me. Sprint intervals up a REAL hill can NOT be beat!
I like the treadmill sometimes because alot of them have a whole bunch of prgram options and it is easier to run hills and time how long you run at a higher pace and it is easy to figure out the grade of the hill you are running on. I do enjoy running outside more but soemtimes i run the tredmill for a little variety
You can also run barefoot, if you have your own treadmill. I only run long distances on the treadmill or the beach, so I dont have to wear shoes. But running on the beach is usually more trouble than its worth.
When i run on the treadmill I do it with no sox on and in my boxing boots I try to run so i am up on my toes to simulate how I would be ina boxing match. Dont know if it does any good and there is no theory behind it really other than I dont wear sox when I spar or fight because I like to feel the mat underneath me and feel like I have more feel barefoot in boots.
anyone who says that treadmills don't work or give negative effects have never really run on one...


guys, if you get a good treadmill, they have different programs that you can use. i used to run on a precor that had something called the alps...

it was a gradual incline up to 10, then back down to 1. that whole run took 40 minutes, and i would adjust the speed to 12. so, i would start really slow, and as it got higher and higher, the speed got faster and faster. if it got too bad, i would just back off the speed manually, but keep the incline...

trust me, from a runner, they work...
I just drive about 5 minutes to the local track and run there. I like it better than the road and the treadmill especially since I'm there pretty late at night (9 or 10ish) meaning I'm usually the only one on the track.
I prefer outdoor running simply because there's more to look at and it seems like less "work" to me.
running outside is much better, there is uphill, downhill, and fresh air, nothing beats it....
I don't think anyone has said "treadmills have no effect" or whatever, but it's pretty obvious that running outside (running, for real) is superior than on a machine. It was said earlier that one could run barefoot on a treadmill if you owned your own. I never really thought about going barefoot on a treadmill - my question is why would it matter if it was the gym's treadmill?

Sonny said:
I prefer outdoor running simply because there's more to look at and it seems like less "work" to me.

what about running and watching UFC or Pride or some other show that u don't really need to pay much attention to (listening-wise), to know what's going on? :wink:
When it's 105 degrees outside, I'm REALLY glad that I own a treadmill.

When it's 40 degree outside, I'm REALLY glad that I own treadmill.

I can watch the news when I run on the treadmill.

If my bad knee goes out, I don't have to run home because I'm already there.

If I'm dehydrated, I can stop, get a cold Gatorade, and get back on to finish my run.

I'm down with the treadmill all the way.
When it's 105 degrees outside, I'm really glad that I stay hydrated before I run.

When it's 40 degrees outside, I'm really glad humans invented fitted clothing.

I love running outside, through the trees, in the hills, nothing beats it!

I don't have bad knees so that's a problem.

I always carry a camel-bak when I run in the wilderness.

I'm down with running in the open breeze, the fresh air (excluding city streets), and the warm sun (weather permitting).
supersudo said:
what about running and watching UFC or Pride or some other show that u don't really need to pay much attention to (listening-wise), to know what's going on? :wink:

They never show UFC on the TV's at my gym!!
You could always picture the fights in your head, no?