Training in Phuket.

John O'Brien

They call me Barnacle Bill.
Jun 17, 2004
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I'm planning on a trip to Phuket for january for a month.. I was thinking about going here:

I've worked out accomadation and training to work out at 400 euro a month, with expenditures at about an extra 300 a month (food/beer etc..) has anybody trained at this camp and if so, what's it like? The training schedule looks intense but it's something I need to do to work on my stand up. I understand I can go to thailand on a 30 day visa but can extend it for an extra 30 days.

Does anyone have any experience training here. What are your thoughts?
VERY cheap in Phuket..wouldnt reccomend training there..too many distractions..go up north to Chiang Mai
Lanna is there, right? Also, what kind of distractions?
If you want to train well you must train in Bangkok or at sityodthong in Pattaya,phuket camps are not good,especially in thaiboxers are mostly from bangkok