Training in my garage


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Jun 4, 2008
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I have been training a lot in my garage, basically I have been getting really frustrated because no matter how hard I push myself I still get tired quickly. I think it has something to do with the room, I can barely breathe in their at times and I was wondering just how dangerous it is to be training in there? Right now, it's the only place I can train but if it's destroying my conditioning than I think I should stop training in there. What do you guys think?
Does the garage door open? I never had a problem training in my garage and it's pretty small. As long as the air is fresh, sometimes adversity or a disadvantage (such as space) can lead to new paths.
There was a time when I trained in a shad outside that was 12 ft by 10 ft and filled with junk that I had to move out (as much as I could) to make enough room for me to hit a bag I would hang up. I could only kick from two sides and couldn't move around the bag or step back much due to the storage I had in there. I would die of heat in the summer and freeze (until I warmed up) in the winter. You make the best of what you have if you really want to train. A garage can be a great workout space and i use mine. In the winter I keep the door closed. It's not heated so it's a little cold but it isn't uncomfortable. In the warmer weather I open the door. Hey...if you had to train in a jail cell for 5 years you'd be the wrong guy to try and mug in an elevator right!! Make the best of what you have.

Open the door, get a air purifier ...whatever.
I'd assume it would help with your breathing, since its thicker air..

but again. im not exactly the best person to give advise
There's also some gasses in there so I was just wondering if it was ok to breath that stuff in.
as long as the garage door is open i dont see the problem

unless u got the car running in there with u
There's also some gasses in there so I was just wondering if it was ok to breath that stuff in.

Yeah close the door and leave the car on for about 15-20 then you should be able to breath OK might just be one last big one though.
Only kidding but how hot does it get?.
If im training cardio on a hot day indoors with little ventilation i find it hard to breathe but if i go for a run first thing on a cold morning i dont have the same problem.
Keep the door open and buy a good large fan thats what i do when im training inside.
How dusty is it?.If its real bad it wont do you any good at best.
Can you not go to a gym?.There seems to be one every were now probably got one in space.
Also a spray bottle with water is good to cool down with.
I train in mine when im not at my gym, or the gym I work at. I just have a heavy bag different gloves, a jump rope, focus mitts for when a friend or someone is over and thats about it. I never have really had a problem but I know I cant stand working out when the door is closed, i'd give it a run with it open and see if that helps.
IF the air is "polluted" from a old car , lawn mower, or other stuff it can be hurting ure health
what type of training are you doing? weightlifting, boxing, cardio?