Training in Hawaii


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Mar 2, 2008
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I am headed to Hawaii from 4/10 - 4/22 does anyone know of anyone I can train with on Oahu? I would love to train with BJ but doubt he will be there. Anyone know how to get a hold of Charuto or something? I have only been training for about 2 months but would love the chance to see how its done on the islands!
I found Egan Inoue's school on Oahu, anyone know anything about them? I would like to work on my Gi game.
bj is on the big island

Onzuka bros i heard was one of the better places as well as north shore
hey man - I work out at Egan's gym. Great place. He has Grappling Unlimited for jiu jitsu and mma - as well as The Studio - for kickboxing, boxing, cardio etc. You can purchase a short term deal for 10 visits (allows you to go to either place).

What are you looking for and what island will you be on. I also have friends that have worked out at a Gracie place nearbye and there is the new Icon gym. All this is on Oahu. I dunno any of the specifics about the Big Island, where BJ trains. Good luck. Looks like your trip is almost over. Hope you found a good place to work out.