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Jan 2, 2008
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Hey, I was just wondering what a good pair of training gloves would be for mma grappling, ground work and standing. I'm looking for something that allows for good movement on my hands, protection for me and also good for the person I'm training with. I know the place i'll be training at already sells a lot of gloves in their store. Just want to know which ones will be the best for a variety of activities.
A Shooto style glove probably for the mma grappling if you will be striking hardish.Or ask what your school actually recommend.
I actually think I saw a pair of shooto gloves while I was there
And bear in mind that a lot of people use different gloves for different things,one pair for pad work,another for sparring stand up,another for grappling with strikes....
Combat Sports makes a few different pairs of grappling gloves that are good for sparring.

The CSI Safety, IMF Tech, Max Spar and Extreme Safety are all pretty good. I have a pair of the Safety Training glove and the IMF Tech Gloves. The Safety Training gloves are the best for overall use. They have enough padding for sparring and are still small enough for grappling. The IMF Tech are better for heavy sparring though.
Not to hi-jack, but I actually own these: which are pretty good for light sparring.

But I was also wondering if these are ok to use on bag/pads or I should buy a pair specifically for bag/pad work.

I wouldn't use those for bag work. The foam in those is softer for sparring, it will break down pretty quick if you use it for bag/pad work. Bag gloves have a foam that is harder or more dense so that it can take the punishment of bag work
well kind of an informal review, I own the safety training gloves by combat sports and I found the foam padding and leather a bit stiff. Even after a couple of weeks of use they never had that broken in feel to them. The just looked worn. The cageside gloves felt right as soon as I put them on. The support around the wrist is very secure ( I don't wear wraps under mma gloves) and the padding and leather had that broken in feel. Usually I use boxing gloves to do pad work but I am able to use these to do that as well. As far as sparring never heard a complaint about the combat sports gloves being to hard but I think the softer foam would make these a bit easier on training partners. I have never had these used on me when being punched. I also personally like the color of the cageside gloves better red/black. Like I said this is just an informal review of the gloves after about 2 weeks of use. they are holding up great and with the great service you get from Boomer at cageside mma I don't think you can go wrong with these.