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Training for a judo team competition

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by wrestler53, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. wrestler53 White Belt

    Apr 13, 2008
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    This is a look into the training I have done in the past month in order to prepare for a competition my sensei is holding. The competition is 10/23/2010. It will be a a competiton with modified rules to cross between judo and bjj.. For this event he asked me to fight at 140 for his team. I started my strict training exactly a month out from competion. My starting weight was 155. My current weight is 143.6.Here is the my diet contioning and strength regimen.

    Diet: 3 meals a day,diet consisting of various health choice,smart one, lean quisine meals,salads,fruits,grilled chicken and brocoli..

    Condioning: 1 hour of cardio six days a week on a treadmil, judo pratice two days a week which was limited because of my commitment to school right now. Three weeks out from competion I began to do various sprint exercises foloowing cardio.

    Strength Routine: My weight program started out as a 5 day program with a push/pull/legs/push/pull split.. I recently have been doing spartan workouts because my need to burn more calories to lose weight versus being strong.

    This program worked really well for me in preparation for this event. I have almost 3 pounds to go in weight loss and I feel as strong as I did at 155. My focus on pure cardio during my trining was do to my inability to get into the matroom as much as I wanted to.

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