training at two bjj schools, is that ok?


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May 19, 2002
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ok, heres the question, im currently in a LA, with tons of bjj schools around me, i was wondering, what the bjj ethics are concerning training at two different bjj schools. i ask this since some schools at have classes at weird times, not enough free mat time, etc etc, and most of all, some are on the really pricey end, so if i was to supplement with classes from another school, i know nothing is stopping me, but what are the ramifications concerning this, will members of the school suddenly shun me if i happen to be training at another academy???

will i be blacklisted from the bjj academy ????

lol. how does this work???
some teachers dont like it because there are two different styles. One teacher might do things one way while the other does it another way, causing conflict between what is being taught. I say do it though. If you like it, that is what it comes down to. Learn as much as you can.....

If you like on place better then the other i would pick it and stick with it.. I have a loyalty nack for my school and really wouldnt go any where else. I spend my money there because i think it is deserved and i want to learn what this particular guy has to teach before i go poisoning my mind with alternatives before i even have 1 thing down...

Some of the other guys might look down upon it but i dont think to much...
Explain your needs to the instructor and see how he feels. I think its only fair to be open and honest with him. As to different styles, at my school their are different styles even between teachers.
From my experience your instructors will get shitty and demand you make up your mind one way or the other, and you can probly forget getting being graded because whatever you learned at one school wont count to the other instructor because if it aint the way they showed you, its wrong. Plus if you enter competitions which school will you compete under? and against your other school.

But the bonus is you will get very good training at more than one school from having a greater variety of partners to train with as well as different perspective on instruction.
If I did train at seperate schools I'd keep it to myself. Surely you should ask your instructor at the school you like the best where you can get more training at. Usually big schools have affiliate schools which should lead to no problem of you training at the other place. I would just tell your instructor you want to train more and see waht he has to offer.
The problem I see with keeping it to yourself comes if one of the instructors finds out. They might feel you purposely deceived them.
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Unless the reason you want to go to two schools is that the schools have class schedules that complement each other, such as they are open only three days per week and they are opposite days, then I wouldn't bother wasting my money. You would better spend the money suplementing what you learn at one school with instructional videos and books, which will give you a wider variety of perspectives than going to two schools will anyway, and you will still be getting quality sparring and people to watch you objectively and correct your mistakes.
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BrandeisBJJ said:
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, i wish i had ONE bjj place to train at :(
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training at two different bjj schools is pretty unacceptable, unless you are a student or something and train at one academy when at school, and another when you go home for the summer (if you are too far away to go to the other one). if this is the case, you should definitely let your instructors know about your arrangements anyway.
VagabondMusashi said:
i am in bjj, and i am brazilian and i never heard that. the creonte i know is from oedipus

I call bullshit...or you haven't been doing BJJ for very long at all.
Odd. My BJJ instructor encourages cross training at other BJJ schools and in other Martial Arts.
Personally I'd train at a couple of schools, I did for a year and a half and it helped evo9lve my grappling game massively.
Our school usually organizes friendlies with other bjj schools.. but there aren't too many around... barely any blues as it is...