News Tracy Cortez steps in vs Rose Namajunas on July 13th: Maycee Barber out

Who wins?

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Call up Erin Blanchfield

I think she makes it look easy


Would be a good replacement, but Namajunas would beat her pretty easily, in my opinion…

She had trouble getting her hands on Fiorot, and I think that will be a problem against Namajunas as well, especially with how well she moves…
Natalia silva, Andrade, or blanchfield would all be good replacements.
Rose isn’t signing to fight Andrade for 5 rounds ever again. Plus Andrade might be sick of being a late replacement. She might be done hopping up, and down between those 2 divisions, too. She’s back on a winning streak again after losing 3 in a row.

So she should stay the course at SW, and try to get the belt back, imo. Beating Rose at 125 does not get Andrade a TS at 125.

Next is Manon. And by the time the Grasso/Shevchenko winner fights Manon it is probably up to a year away. Then add in another 6 months minimum after that for whoever the champ is to fight whomever is next after that.

Blanchfield should be dying to get, and hopefully win this fight. She needs to bounce back after the Manon fight.
Thank god. Now please replace with a mens mma bout. I might not have to skip this event on my birthday after all.
I mean.... Who could do that on like 2.5 weeks notice? I guess if they found Dober someone top 10, it could main event.. find rose a comain?

Rose is a former champ. Sometimes these things matter from a contractual perspective
Fiorot vs Namajunas 2. Rose made it competitive fighting with one hand. She deserves a rematch.