Tourney in Scott's Valley, CA


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Aug 28, 2003
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I just found out about this in the MMA forum and called them for more info. I plan on going and probably two other guys from my school (cung le). They have nogi grappling and modified MMA divisions. Rules for nogi I guess are just the standard BJJ rules. For modified MMA its as follows:

2pts for kick to the head
2pts for kick to the body
1pt for punch to the body

No punches to the head, no kicks below the waste, no knees/elbows. No strking in the clinch or on the ground. Required attire: cup, mouthpiece, shin protector, mma gloves.

Pre-registration fees: $40 for 1 event, $60 for both, extra $10 if you register at the door. Adult divisions start at 1PM.

Seems a little pricey for a smaller tourney and I dont think there is a free shirt but not much going on around here until fall. Good way to get some tourney experience before the Open in October.

school info:

208 Mt. Hermon Rd., Scott