Tournament Questions

J Storm**

Mar 17, 2006
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I have to make weight Saturday morning at 11am, meaning I would have to leave my house around 10am.

Now, assuming i will be within 3lbs of my weigh-in goal, should I:

A. Sweat the extra lbs out on Friday night, say between 8-10pm, sleep and hold off on water/food until weighin, or

B. Try to sleep around 8-10pm, wake up at 6am and sweat the lbs off then and go straight to the tournament.

Also, I've been having discrepancies with scales.

I have a digital scale at work, a digital scale at home, as well as an old school scale at home. I weigh-in different on all three of them, and what's most disparaging is that my digital scale at home tells me i'm 2 lbs heavier than the digital scale at work.

I'm not sure which one to trust, and if i miss weight b/c of that i will be very angry.
Well to find out which scale is right, get something that you can verify the weight of, like a dumbbell or a weight plate. That should answer that. Anything else, I'm no help on, but I'm looking forward to seeing the suggestions that you get.
There is a weight cutting thread in the stickies.

Step 5
The day of the weigh in. Drink very little water, only as much as you absolutely need Depending on whether you are within 3 pounds of your target weight, either keep your food the same, or further reduce caloric intake by lowering your protein. Eat only 2-3 meals this day, mostly veggies, a hard boiled egg or two, and a little chicken, and take your vitamins. Eat your last meal and drink your last water at least 12 hours before the weigh-ins. You should be within 2 pounds of your target weight at this time. If you are not, this is the time to sweat it out. Cut arm holes in a trash bag, put on some sweats and do low intensity cardio like riding an exercise bike. The sauna is another option if one is available.

You may find that you lose some water weight overnight automatically; I know I do. Though if you're already somewhat dehydrated, it may not happen to the same extent. But try weighing yourself before you go to bed, and when you get up (no peeing first, obviously) to see if this occurs for you.
There is a weight cutting thread in the stickies.


yes i did in fact read that, but it doesn't answer my specific question on when exactly to start sweating it out, since my weigh-in is fairly early in the morning.
How much later is the fight?

If you get up early and sweat it out will you have time to go home and take a nap and re-hydrate yourself or is it right after? I'm guessing that since it's a tournament (What kind?) it's probably going to start very shortly after the weigh-in. Am I right?
My recommendation: Go to bed very early, get up early, go to where the weigh-ins are and check your weight. If you're over, put on the suit and get to jumping rope, running, whatever to sweat it out. Give yourself a few hours since 11am really isn't early anyway. Towel off occasionally and check your weight till you're there. Don't drink or eat anything (obviously) Be in the front of the line when the weigh ins start so you can get to work at rehydrating yourself.
This might not be ideal, but it's what we all used to do in wrestling. It would be better to be closer to the required weight beforehand, but it's a little late for that. At least you know for next time.