Toughest matchup for Cain?

Mike Oak

Blue Belt
Oct 12, 2011
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Let me start off by saying that I still believe JDS has the best chance to beat Cain in the division. He showed great tdd in the first round until he took the big shot which looked to affect him for the rest of the fight (along with his cardio, obviously). As long as he could stay on his feet, he has the power to take Cain out in their eventual rubber match. However on paper, I think that Werdum matches up the best with Cain. He has ever improving sticking under Rafael Cordeiro and the potential to submit any heavyweight in the world on the ground. Who do you think matches up the best with Cain?
I dislike both very much, so I am not biased and I think that the Reem will beat Cain badly.
JDS is still Cain's kryptonite and Cain his.

The best competitive rivalry in MMA.
Probably JDS. Both these guys are young, they could end up fighting 4 or 5 times.