torn heavy bag patchable?


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Sep 17, 2004
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This morning, I kicked a 10" horizontal tear in the middle of my cloth heavy bag. Has anyone had success in mending such a tear, perhaps with duct tape? I really don't have the cash to buy a nicer bag right now :(.
Take it to a leather shop or a sail shop if you have one near by. They can sew a patch in there for under $20. Have them patch it all the way around the middle or where ever it ripped. Cloth, nylon or leather all make great patches.
I tore the bottom out of on before, and I just duct taped it. It worked fine and lasted for a long time. When it gets weak, you just add more.
sir037 said:
If you can't duct it, .... it!

LOL! My new motto.

By the way - you can say "fuck" here.
SSF gear has the best advice yet. I took mine to a leather bridle shop that does horse saddles and shit. They might have you empty the bag first but ask them.