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Top Ten Olympian vs Avantgarde

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by The Victor, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. The Victor White Belt

    Aug 22, 2010
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    Bay Area
    For some reason my search function hasn't been working all day so I haven't been able to look up any reviews on Top Ten head guards and couldn't find much information browsing through the review sections

    Wanted to see if anybody had any experience with either of these head guards and wanted their feedback and how they compare to other head guards IE: Winnings FG-2900/Hayabusa etc... I'm referring to the cheek and head guard versions of both.



    It looks like the Olympian is thicker and also has protection around the Chin. This is the one I'm leaning towards getting.

    The Avantgarde looks more like a helmet and looks lighter.
  2. ASEGSEA Guest

    I had the same question about comparing the Olympian and the Avant guard. Tim from Totiro patiently and extensively answered all my questions. I have the Avant Gaurds BTW

    If you do make the purchase then I highly recommend Totiro-USA: outstanding customer care and competetive prices. Totiro-USA

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