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TOP FC 8 headlined by Lightweight and Bantamweight title matches

Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by MMALOPEZ, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. MMALOPEZ Steel Belt

    Nov 11, 2006
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    Puerto Rico/Las Vegas

    TOP FC 8: Heart of Champion
    August 15, 2015
    Olympic Hall
    Seoul, South Korea

    Lightweight Grand Prix Final
    Kang Jung-Min (MosGym) vs Kim Dong-Hyun (Team MAD)

    Bantamweight Title Match
    Kwak Kwan-Ho (KTT) vs Park Han-Bin (Tristone)

    -66kg Featherweight Match
    Kim Dong-Gyu (Tristone) vs Han Seung-Hwa (First Gym)

    -70kg Lightweight Match
    Michael Ahn (KTT) vs Park Kyung-Soo (Extreme Combat)

    -120kg Heavyweight Match
    Lim Jun-Soo (Ring Entertainment) vs Jung Da-Un (Central Gym)

    -52kg Women
  2. Asurah |⁰⊖⁰)

    Dec 3, 2013
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    Excited for the top 2 fights. Jung Min Kang is a guy I been rooting for and is on a good win streak despite his record, got fed to some solid JMMA guys early on before he was ready. Fun guy to watch when he let's his striking go. DHK Lite is probably his toughest fight on this current run though.

    Kwak is one of Korea's best prospects, still has a ways to go but he has great athleticism and I think he could be UFC bound with a win. Han Bin Park isn't a slouch either, this is actually their 3rd fight too (Park won when they were ammies, Kwak won their pro rematch).

    Also good to see Yoo Jin Jung staying busy, her record is rough but she's fought solid competition and all her losses were competitive. Sung Hwa Han vs Dong Gyu Kim and Michael Ahn vs Kyung Soo Park are also really solid bouts

    TOP usually streams for free, I will post the link later once it comes up.
  3. Asurah |⁰⊖⁰)

    Dec 3, 2013
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    I think the full main card has been uploaded here

    Kwan Ho Kwak and Dong Hyun Kim Lite are the new champs. Sung Hwa Han vs Dong Gyu Kim was an insane round 1 but unfortunately got stopped by an eyepoke in the 2nd.

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