Top 5 Dan Severn Career Highlights

Thanks for the memories and the ride Dan. Best wishes.
The consecutive suplexes he landed against Macias were awesome. Also, that last should mention giving Forrest Griffin his first loss. I know at the time it probably meant jack to him, but in hindsight it's pretty cool.

We need to bring back the old announcer who tried to make his own echo: Dan Severrrrn......severn...
I don't understand how HOF induction can be on this list since it's not an actual part of his career; rather, it's an acknowledgment of a great career.
I remember when he beat Tank. Tank said he felt like he was raped by Tom Selleck.
Lol #4 is winning the most boring fight ever

there should be an asterisk next to that win.

They only got the fight sanctioned if they disallowed closed hand strikes, Ken followed the rules but severn didn't.

In all actuality, severn should have been Dq'ed or at least made stop using a technique not allowed in that fight.

But since it was such an odd and one time only thing the ref didn't do anything about it, iirc he said he didn't remember during the fight..