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Too much working out? Or nay?

Brooklyn BJJ

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Mar 15, 2007
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I'm very fit with tons of cardio and not getting enough work out from my regular schedule.

My new schedule some times consists of:

1.5 hours thai boxing
30 minutes rest
1.5 hours No-GI BJJ
1.5 hour rest
Weights + 45 minutes of bag work

Starting at around 6PM until 1AM...~ is this too much?
You dont feel overtrained? How do you feel rolling after doing kickboxing?
I think only you can answer that question. If you are not feeling ill effects I think it is fine but most would advise that you break that up a bit.
I feel good... 30 minutes is alot to rest. I just don't think its healthy for some reason.
Well if you feel good I dont see why you should stop. If anything your cardio level and overall fitness will belight years ahead of everyone else.

Some signs of overtraining include fatgiue, cold or flu like symptoms, achy joints etc...

If you start getting some of those nagging symptoms then you know to back away.

your body will tell you if you can keep this up.
just listen to your body i guess.

my instructor kept telling our team to not overtrain when we were training for the panams. my schedule for 2 months looked like this.
m-f - 1.5 hrs bjj at noon, 2 hrs bjj at 6pm
m-w-f - after bjj id do 30 minutes of running + 15 minutes of wind sprints + 30 minutes of isolated weight training for muscle endurance
saturdays - 4 hours of bjj/judo

stayed pretty healthy throughout the 2 months, but got sick 2 weeks before the competition :p
It would also be important to consider how many days per week you are doing this.

i would say your doing a bit too much cardio and are going to lose alot of muscle mass by doing so. hit the weights at least 2 times a week or more. but make sure your getting at least6-8 hours of sleep.
nutrition and tons of sleep...or else it will all catch up to you.
I wouldn't do all that in such a short amount of time. There are plenty of hours in the day to get that amount of work in without overtraining, but doing it all at once is going to mean, at best, slower gains, and at worst something more serious. If you could move the weights and bag work to the morning or afternoon, or something like that, you'll be better off.
Do people open these threads to brag about how hard they work out?

When do you work?

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