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    Found this on Training Gear of the Future? - Bloody Elbow

    Tony Blauer 'High Gear' tactical systems equipment looks very good for full contact training. Lots of fighters get hurt while preparing for a fight and this looks like some good gear to stay safe while training heavy.

    Here's his website: Tony Blauer Tactical Systems

    Found this on Youtube as well: YouTube - Blauer Tactical Systems SPEAR Introduction

    And, no, I am not related to, know, or sell for these people

    This was also pretty bad ass: YouTube - Tony Blauer on Training for the Ambush
  2. Bobby Jacobsen Amateur Fighter

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    I use this stuff for law enforcement training in mock scenes. It is more mobile than fist gear (fist gear you can deliver 100% strikes and not feel a damn thing in it but you cannot hardly move) but you feel a good deal of the impact from blows. I would not recommend it for mma. You lose way too much mobility for minimal gain in damage control.

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