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Tonight is the last PBC on ESPN for 2016

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by Queen B, Aug 12, 2016.

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    Feb 14, 2014
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    According to Steve K9 Kim

    But it looks like ESPN has renewed PBC for another season that beings next April 2017.

    I say renew and not network deal because it doesnt sound like ESPN is paying PBC still. But at this point, ESPN doesnt have much other choice, considering their subscriber number dropping so much.

    It also sounds like its going to be FNF type shows. Big Dan said PBC's original intention for ESPN was initially supposed to be big fights, like Santa/Mares, Thurman, Danny Garcia, etc, while FS1 was supposed to be the cheapest prospect show. However based on the ratings, it looks like EPSN will take that place, while they scrap FS1.

    Remember, the PBC deal with ESPN was supposed to include 2 ABC Primetime shows in 2016 but that got cancelled.

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