Media Tom Aspinal: "Fastest right hand at HW"

Yeah.. especially when considering Blaydes has only lost to guys with strong finishing ability like Fraincis, Pav and Derrick. Another thing is Blaydes always fumbles the bag in big fights but I'm pretty sure that's a mental thing more than a skill or fight IQ issue because he does all the right shit in fights that don't have great importance, but ends up doing all the wrong shit when something is on the line.
To me he's never really looked comfortable standing, not as bad as Brock and technically he's clearly far better than Brock but still you get the sense their are nerves and that potentially leads to mistakes.
It’s crazy that everyone licks his balls but Jones who has literally beaten everyone gets doubted.
Jones has only 1 win in the HW division, let's stop pretending that he is the real champion.
Looking forward to the blaydes fight.

Hopefully tom does well and forces a fight with Jon Jones.
Why do you feel that aspinall is essential for jones? He’s already done more than anyone in the sport.
I don't feel it's essential.
But.... Jones has only spent (literally) 2minutes fighting at Heavyweight in the UFC.

So I'd have like to see MORE of Heavyweight version of Jones against maybe 3 or 4 opponents.

Yes we've seen plenty of Jones at LHW. But a fast 2mins sub against a naive and inexperienced Ciryl Gane doesn't (to me) tell me much about HW Jones.