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To the Mundials... and beyond



Male 23 6' 165lbs.
My goals for the year are as follows.

Train 6+ hours a week at jiu-jitsu
Compete at the mundials this june.
Be able to do 10 HSPU unassisted.

My limitations are that I am not physically strong, and I am cheap so I don't often have access to weights.
My strengths are that I am motivated, have excellent cardio, low body fat and a high learning curve in jiu-jitsu.

The program is a work in progress feel free to give advice
Wednesday Rest

Thurs Strength Workout
3x5 Squat
3x5 Bench Press
1x5 Deadlift

Friday Grip work (complex) or pinch plates then The interval challenge (Ross Enamait) (two to choose from)

Sat The Magic 50, or Cindy 20 minutes of 5 pullups 10 pushups 15 squats for max rounds

Sun Strength Workout
3x5 Squat
3x5 Press
3x5 Power cleans

Monday Personal metcon (1 deadlift 225lbs 5 handstand pushups, 5 pistols each leg, 5 pullups for 10 rounds) or 5 rounds of (2 deadlifts 10 pistols 10 handstand pushups)

Tuesday Grip work (gi or towel pullups) 3x15 (or failure) then either Swim 500m or row 2000m Karen 150 wall ball for time

In addition there is sparring and skill work on Monday-Sat (BJJ)

I'm not this creative I borrowed most of it from Urban, Rippetoe, Crossfit and Ross.
Please be critical because this is my first attempt to create a program.

For the strength workouts the warmups are as follows.
3 Worksets, 5 Warm-Up Sets for the squat, bench, press, and powerclean.
1 Workset, 4 Warm-Ups Sets for the deadlift.

Advice is welcome.
I own some dumbells and a medicine ball otherwise I would have to go to the local crossfit to work out with weights. Which I am planning to do monday night.
Monday March 24

Straight out of bed 20 situps 20 pushups 20BW squats

5pm warm up with situps, pushups pullups deadlifts and KB swings

145lbs deadlift X 2
5 pullups
10 kettlebell swings 24kg
Max rounds for 20 minutes

I switched grips each round for the pullups
The limiting factor was the pullups, the others just weakened the grip for the successive rounds.
7 round + 2 deadlifts
last 4 pullups were jumping

I was late for jiu-jitsu but early for the randori class.
I got 9 5 minute rounds in, mostly working on sweeps, armdrags and half guard.
I'll be the first to say it here...don't be afraid to lift heavy stuff for fear of getting bulky or anything like that. I do jiu-jitsu too and lifting has only helped my game.

Good luck.
Yeah I was taught the deadlift yesterday so thats why I was a little conservative with the weight. Thanks for the input.
Tuesday March 25

High Volume Day

Straight out of bed 100 jumping jacks. A long time since I've done them, with good reason they aren't difficult at all.

Noon jiu-jitsu
45min + 5 minutes of takedowns with a buddy after class
Lesson focus: Lumberjack sweep, into armbar

15 ring dips
20 pullups was taught kipping pullups
20 bw squats
Plus was taught push press 5 at 45lbs 3 at 95lbs

3 rounds of
push press 95lbs X 3
5 pullups
25 jumping ring dips
14 12kg turkish getups
for total time of 15:35
then walked to jiu-jitsu

Randori, then class then comp team class (this class just randori today)
Class focus: mounting from side, straight-jacket hold, head and arm choke

Things to remember: go for the arm as you mount to slow their elbow escape
how long have you been doing jiu jitsu? what weight are you trying to compete at? what school are you at?

good luck at the mudials......when/where?

i wish i still had time to compete like i used to. take advantage of it before grown up'edness catches up to you.
I started jiu-jitsu in Feb 2007
I will either compete at 149 or 159 (much easier cut)
The Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts www.oama.ca

Mundials are in June (i think 12th) in California.

I wish I had picked this up much earlier in life too but excuses don't help either of us. I am afraid what will happen to my training when I move in with my girlfriend this summer but in true student fashion I will ignore that until I have to deal with it.:icon_chee
Wednesday March 26
Recovery day
50 bodyweight squats straight out of bed

Jiu-jitsu class, focus on escaping the back mount
Things to remember grab the leg as I shuffle my back onto the ground. Then Randori class.
Thursday March 27

Couldn't sleep so got out of bed a 5:15 for morning workout.

10 bodyweight squats
10 overhead squats (20lbs)
10 situps
10 elevated feet pushups

Morning jiu-jitsu Focus: wrestlers sit-through, kimura from north-south

Crossfit Workout (a nice easy one)

30 bodyweight squats
30 situps
supposed to do pullups but hand started bleeding, after some superglue
2 185lbs deadlifts
2 225lbs deadlifts
then the workout

5 rounds for time of
1 225lbs deadlift
21 hollow rocks (picture rocking back and forth in a v-sit)

after that stretched for a bit, did a few ring dips and handstand pushup negatives

Then one more jiu-jitsu class Focus:scissor sweep, cross choke and armbar series
Friday March 28
Miised morning jiu-jitsu.
20 medicine ball cleans 20lbs (straight out of bed)

Then I spent all day on the bus. And I am currently at my girlfriends

3 singles of 125lbs squats (note used girlfriend rather then weights)
then one set of 20 with 125lbs

I had pretty bad form on the squats because during the set of 20 she shifted her weight.

Saturday March 29

Very light day

2km jog warm up (trying to find a small block)

4 rounds of
20 burpees
run 600m
(didn't have a stopwatch but I was pretty exhausted)

Her workout
4 rounds of
10 bodyweight squats
run 600m

She beat me by about 400m (but her squats weren't past parallel :icon_sad:)

1km jog home
Monday March 31
Straight out of bed
20 pushup + 5 limited range of motion handstand pushups

Warm up
10 pullups
10 limited range of motion handstand pushups
5 split cleans (forgot the weight)
10 overhead squats (with pvc pipe)
1000m row

ripped off another blister on my hand doing pullups (added superglue)
Workout max bodyweight deadlifts in 10 minutes
I got 66 (should've aimed higher my goal was 60)

Jiujitsu Focus: hook the leg sweep, series from hook the leg sweep into triangle
Then Randori
Tuesday April 1
Straight out of bed
10 Turkish Get Ups (Each hand) 25lbs dumbell
(This woke me up good, I will make sure I do these more often)

Job interview today interfered with the main workout and jiu-jitsu so improvised one when I got home
50 medicine ball cleans 20lbs
50 situps with medicine ball
50 squats with medicine ball
I was going to start doing 50 Turkish Getups but my friend picked me up to go party

Wednesday April 2

Straight out of bed I had a neck spasm, strange because I can't account for it from any activities I did yet

10 burpees (morning workout) yes it is pathetic :icon_chee

Checked out a new place, signed the sublet agreement.

Real Workout
Warmup 3 rounds of
5 overhead squats
5 pullups
5 handstand pushups (limited ROM)
did some squats for form (145, 165)

5 rounds of
1 back squat (supposed to be 90% of max but I don't know my max) 165 for first 3 rounds then 185 for the next two
3 minutes of walking lunges for rep (107, 114, 104, 112 ,112)

After class focused on overhead squat for a bit

Then jiu-jitsu (was late to watched entries into the cross-choke) visualization then had an etiquette class (apparently there are too many arseholes to keep in check)
Thursday April 3
2 rounds
20 hollow rocks
20 bridges

Morning jiu-jitsu
Focus escapes from kesi-gatami

Real Workout
5 pullups
row 500m
15 overhead squats
10 cleans
15 partial ROM handstand pushups

3 Rounds for time
2 cleans (95lbs)
20 pullups
15 kettlebell swings (55lbs)
9 toes to bars

Jiu-jitsu (night class)
Focus arm lock, top lock and triangle from top lock
Interesting, glad to see you're working hard. Some of those endurance volume though might start to be a much. Watch for over-training.
The volume is getting a bit much, my legs are still sore from the lunge/backsquat workout. I think for this weekend I'm going to reduce volume but increase intensity.

A new experiment starts today, I'm going to see if I can cut down to 148 for the Renzo Gracie Invitational, (weigh in Friday tournament Saturday April 12)

Friday April 4

Didn't do morning GPP because of soreness and general fatigue.

5 rounds for time of
deadlift 225lbs
12 eccentric ring dips
15 hollow rocks
8:43 (I think)

Then no-gi jiu-jitsu (randori then class)
Focus: single leg from clinch
Very sloppy day only one workout

tabata intervals with one minute rest between exercises

pistols 8 rounds (7 8 7 7 6 7 6 8)
medball pushups 8 rounds (11 8 8 8 7 6 6 6)
medball cleans (20lbs) (7 8 9 9 10 10 10 10)
burpees (6 5 5 5 5 5 5 6)

My ass is sore
Monday April 7

Very shitty day


3 rounds for time
95lbs overhead squat X 2
24kg kettlebell swing X 40
13:43 (I was very weak for the overhead squat, and terrified that I would decapitate myself. I'm going to blame this on doing a heavy overhead squat for the first time today. Oh and my depth sucked, and I wasn't keeping my shoulders tense)

Great jiu-jitsu workout then randori
Focus: rear naked, guillotine