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To be a machine


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Dec 12, 2005
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I've recently gotten over some surgery in my wrist that fixed a long term problem that was sapping my motivation to train. I couldn't do pushups so my workout just sorta tapered off into nothing. Enough of the past, time for the present.

Age: 20
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 190lb

I have naturally strong legs and pecs, half-decent abs and poor arms and back. I've never done any serious weight training but I have done some pretty heavy cardio and such when I used to play basketball, soccer, football and was on the swim team. I just kinda got lazy half way through high school and stopped doing everything. As such, my cardio has just gone to shit and it doesn't help that I have excercise induced asthma.

So anyway, the idea is to kick the crap outta myself for the next few months until I am A MACHINE!!!

The morning routine is basically taken from Bas Rutten's Big Book of Combat vol 1. It's basically a bunch of neck and arm rotation and static stretches for the initial warm up, some swing kicks to start stretching out the legs, and then some splits. Then the real work out really begins. 10 kick ups, 20 ab killers, 10 handstand rolls, some handstand walking, 50 cartwheels (yeah cartwheels), 10 back rolls into handstands. Then comes the actual tossing myself around... 10 front breakfalls, 10 side breakfalls to each side, 10 backward breakfalls and 10 forward roll breakfalls on each arm.

Now for the harder part... Jump squats for 30 seconds, Neck bridges for 30 seconds, hold the down position of a pushup for 30 seconds, actual pushups for 30 seconds, situps for 30 seconds. This is all done without breaks and as fast as possible and repeated three times.

That's all capped off with some under water swimming. 10 laps under water, a ten second break, rinse and repeat 3 times.

Lets see if I die or not...
I forgot the evening routine. It will be the Armstrong Pullup Routine to power up my forearms, biceps and back. The swimming will also be done in the evening since that's when my school's pool is open.