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Mar 30, 2008
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What does your strength training regiment consist of?, my lifting regiment has been a body building type program as of late and i being new to grappling, would like to kno how some of the veteran guys train and change my program accordingly

thanks in advance and sorry if i sound like a NEWB

Read the FAQ.

Look at Brad Morris's log in the training log section. He's in the UFC.

Check out Finnegan's log. He just kicked the shit out his first MMA opponent. In a respectful martial arts way, of course.

Look at John Lambert's log. He can take a punch and his conditioning and strength are impressive.

Look at King Kabuki's log to see what pro boxers do.

Read the FAQ.
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ahh will do apologise still new to the site, i will check out the faq, thanks guys
Find the log's of the people I mentioned. They all fight and are strong.
See B0rt this is what you get for being nice: ignored for the FAQ.
Not open for further replies.