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Mar 15, 2008
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Anyone ever order of this website? Or have any problems? Im having one right now but i havent heard anything bad about this place? The shirt i bout was on pre order and was supposed to arrive 3 different times now but still no word and they wont contact me at all! Ive tried numerous times just to see if there was any word on when the shirt would arrive to them but they wont get back with me. I ordered the shirt on January 26th and was supposed to be there early feb. Anyone have any feedback on this website?
Sometimes a release of a new shirt gets backed up several times through no fault of the person you are trying to buy the shirt from. Have you tried calling the order number from the website? You can also send a SD pm to tkowarehouse, he is on from time to time. I have never ordered from tko warehouse but I have yet to hear anything bad about them either. Hopefully it is just a supplier problem and you get the shirt soon.
Yeah ive tried sending numerous messages but with no reply and have tried calling them as well with no answer....hopefully its just me being impatient but i just want someone to let me know what the deal is.
DSHO - I'm going to PM you right now. Just let me know your order # (or name) and I will get it to the right people.
Problemo solved....thanks MMAOverload.
same thing is for me all it says is that its processed I would expect it to be here by now I only live 40 miles away in houston there hq is in galveston
I had some issues with them...but I think that was due to the hurricane. They've sorted it out. Try shooting them an email and reference your order number.
I sent them an email they just sent me a link to a tracking link that does not work it says error
I called them up emailed them and messaged them on sherdog. still no response.What should I do?
I never got a number from them. In the telephone field on their invoice, it just listed their email address. How many emails did you shoot them? I wrote about three before I got an answer.
I am from the UK and placed an order on last Tuesday and received an email from them stating that the order had been completed. However, USPS (using the tracker on the USPS website) say they have yet to receive anything from mmaoverload to deliver. I have emailed mmaoverload three times but have not received a reply. I was wondering whether anyone could help?

Many thanks.