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TKD Training Log #2


King Of No Pants
Oct 2, 2002
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ahh i slacked this summer updating this shit.

Goals: 300lb bench, 350 squat, 400 lb deadlift, improving tkd skills and knockin cats out

Currently... bench at 270, squat at 310, dead at 390, and just getting back into sparring after 4 months of only technique work
9/14 - tkd class - went over basics blocking and punching, as well as a few forms drills, i like the class because it always refreshes my basics so i can go do advanced shit throughout the week. After class did some paddle kicking and tricking for an hour or so. My kicks got a little tight after kickin bags so long, gotta make them more whip like. 3 hours + of tkd = me feckin tired

9/15 Nobody to train with so went and kicked bags for an hour. All kicks seemd real good, quick nadabams and hard back kicks. Gonna dominate shit this year. Then i went and do 4x400m sprints. I love those, work my endurance to hell and make my legs powerful. I am gonna try and get 5x400 next week...

Lifting today

Started off with deads, warmup at 225 and then 275, both with ease. Work sets of 385x1, then 405x1 and 405x1 !!! i was ecstatic that i pulled that.

Clean and Press 3x4 @ 155.... couldnt do more than that cuz the deads took so much outta me.

Bent over rows 3x5 @ 175

Weighted abwork, decline medball twists @ 30lbs 3x10

all and all one hell of a sessoin
9/18 Today was first day of official TKd team practice. Good turnout and some new faces.

Worked the basics , nadia chagi, dollyo chagi and up chagi in the air for technique. All felt fine but my legs are killing me from the 405 deadlift yesterday. We then went onto gauntlet paddle drills with round kicks, then round kick axe kick, then round kick padachagi.

All and all a good start, but damn was i sore.

Today i worked paddles with a team mate. Stuck to good solid combos and my kicks felt nice and snappy. Lighweights are going to die. I then ran windsprints for 2 miles..

New goal. Before fight i want to be doing 3miles windsprints and 8x400m intervals. I have a 5k comin in two weeks so that will be agood gauge.
9/20 Lifting, my legs are still fawkin hammered from that deadlift. Thankfull it was a DE day

7x4 squats for speed at 155

4x4 bench at 155

2x15 1x10 pullups

legraises 3x10 with 15lbs
9/22 - had limited time so performed a quick lifting session

7x3 of clean and press @ 155lbs Whew, last few sets were tough

2x8 romanian deadlifts with 160 to stretch out the hams

3x10 pullups

3x10 decline med ball situps.

1 hour of kicking, followed by 4x400s with 1min rest and 2x200 1 min rest
9/25 Tkd Practice 2 hours. Basic kicks some forms, some clock drills....etc Kicks felt good and hard. Killing people with them will be fun
9/26 decided to do some sparring

2 rounds of kyokushin style rules for fun with a friend. Went good, since standup is my specialty and i landed some good kicks and didnt really catch any at all. Did 2 rounds of grappling, one with some guy i dont know with 5 months experience but he got me with a guillotine. Next round was with my bud i did standup with and we went a good while and it felt more natural to grapple but i made a stupid move and got triangled. Lesson learned....I am good at standup and suck at grappling. How should i remedy this? I was thinking of cross training muay thai so i get good with elbows and knees and grapplers hate those.
9/27 had to put in a quick one today so

1 rd of double round kicks

1rd double roundkicks

1 rd fast kick round kicks

1 rd fast kick round kicks

1rd double round kicks

then circut training as follows (as many handstandpushups as possible, as many pullups, as many pushups, as many jumpsquats), wait a minute then repeat.

This kicked my ass

9/28 Taekwondo class 2 hrs of basic tech, some forms and some paddle kicking.
9/30 today was an informal class. Lots of newbs there, i helped teach them proper technique for kicks and whatnot. I then did some paddle drills in minute rounds, dollyo chagi and padachagi. Then worked in 2 sets of pushups and pullups.
I weigh 145-150 , i fight at 143

10/1 Tkd practice, lots of basic technique stuff. 2 hours

Then to the track. Did 800m windsprint, 1min rest, then a 400m sprint, 1 min rest, another 800 windsprint, 400 and one last 800 for a total of 2miles of sprint workish
10/2 Tkd practice today. Lots of basic kicking technique once more (dammit i want sparring) and then we did fast kick drills for 30seconds as many as you could get. I did 3 sets of these and got 37, 37, and 40. But unlike most other people my form was still decent. Then onto the heavy bag for 1minute rounds of as many kicks as you can get, i got 87, 85, 107. Most of it was just straight up roundkicks though. But a good workout indeed.

Lifting today for first time in a weekish. Heavy lifting for the first time in 3 weeks.

Ugh i felt weak as shit, was only gettin out 2 reps a set at 295 on squats, my bench stagnated at 2-3 reps on 245. the pullups seem good still, and for some reason i feel like i can move up on the one legged squats. Odd

squats 5x2 at 295 followed by 5 squat jumps
one legged squats 3x5 @ 50lb dumbell in each hand
bench 4x3 @ 245 followed by 5 clap pushups
weighted pullups 1x8,1x6,1x4 @ 45lbs
weighted abs
10/5 - tkd class, basic stuff. Some light contact sparring, didnt feel like my kicks were flowing together like they should and my counters werent there...

10/6. Did some full contact standup with a muay thai dude, his rules. First round got cracked in the face with a jab and my nose bled a good bit, no worries though, caught him in the third wit ha left hook and busted his nose. Ate some leg kicks but they didnt hurt. Kicked alot of elbows and that did hurt haha. My defense was good i didnt get hit with any kick above the legs and at a couple punches but i landed several good body kicks and a few good punches even a couple nice headkicks.

10/8 practice, basic roundhouses then back kicks. My feet were still sore from fighting so kicking sucked and my back kicks are over rotating..grr... then lifting

deadlift got up to 405 and that felt easy.

stiff legged deads at 300lbs, cuz my hams are keeping my squat from improving

clean and militaries with 155

weighted pullups with 45lb


all in all good lifting session


woke up at 6 am to organize a 5k. ran the 5k. 22 minutes, not bad for not running distance in 2 years.

then go to practice later on , did some good bag and paddle drills and some light sparring.fucked up my feet again, i hate everyone
10/11 not alot of time but lifting

today was de day

squats 7 sets of 5x3 at 155

bench 5x3 at 135

bent over rows 3x5 at 185

leg raises 3x10

TKD Class

Went over basics , poomsae etc. Towards the end did some sparring. Then after class did some sparring with my teammate

synopsis, my sparring is MUCH better this week because i guaged distance correctly and would explode in and out and circle away before i could be countered. I also landed a few nice head kicks :)