Title shots favor fans, not fighters


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Dec 5, 2012
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GSP's quote, not mine

The title shot is not a "favor" to Nick Diaz, it's a favor to the fans and the UFC.

GSP said he's afraid of Nick doing something crazy to mess up the fight, and I think Diaz will do something. I think Diaz will do something crazy like submit George in front of GSP's fans, and I think that is starting to scare GSP.

What mind games do you guys see GSP or Diaz doing? And do you guys agree that title shots should favor fans and not fighters?
no sht

the reporters were trying to jump on georges when he was talking about nick at the post fight scrum - he was doing his best to honestly answer, but he couldnt just say the honest truth, which is 'i dont give a sht, i make more money and hes more popular'

but he was nice enough to dance around and try to honestly answer - one of the interviewers there was trying to ask hard questions, and it was hilarious bc we all know whats going on - what can you say except, fck you we're making more money this way -

there is no logic involved, except for the money talking - they make weak arguments to convince the lemmings, and thast a huge percent of the population, so i can completely understand why they spend so much time doing it

popularity contests dont stop in middle school
That's very convenient to say when you're already at the top wanting the biggest paycheck possible.

That said,from a personal analysis,its also convenient cause it brings him a overated-coming off a loss-soft puncher with no tdd instead of a powerfull wrestler with decent striking.
i think nicks going to slap him if they get in a face off
Oh no! The subtle art of stoving heads in has been cheapened by money. Who'd have thought?
This fight for the belt is BS. I hope Hendricks jumps in the cage and KOs both GSP and Diaz. GSP is a scrub for asking for the Diaz fight and DW makes these ridiculous matches for fighters who doesn't deserve to fight for the belt. GSP will maul Diaz.