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Title Infused Foam Ignite Power Lace Training Gloves Review

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Reviews' started by Benry, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Benry White Belt

    Nov 29, 2016
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    Roanoke, VA

    I've looked around the internet and haven't really found any reviews on this specific set of gloves, so I figured I'd give my two cents. Normally they're $80 but I think Title is discontinuing them and has them marked down to $60 and to be honest they're worth every penny.

    Models Available - Red or Black in 14, 16, and 18oz

    Model reviewed - Red in 14oz for bag/mittwork

    Title's Sales Pitch:
    "Incredible new TITLE Infused Foam® technology is the rage sweeping the world in boxing glove manufacturing and performance. Almost 2" of Infused Foam® over the fist delivers a lighter, more powerful, impact-resistant core for all the protection and execution elite athletes demand in their sparring and training. Full grain leather outer shell delivers professional, long-lasting, winning results for demanding training. Brilliant over-sized full-length palm integrated lacing system assures a firm, supportive and secure fit for discriminating athletes. A nylon mesh upper palm inset and supple moisture-wicking inside hand liner help keep boxer cool and dry during intense training. Cut extra-long for additional wrist support and coverage. Additional Infused Foam® palm and wrist inserts are ideal for defensive work."

    Initial Review (also on the Title site):
    "I haven't had these for long and only time will tell in regards to their durability but they pass the "first impressions" test with flying colors. They have great padding, the lace up system is quick and secure, the padded wrist allow for some fantastic wrist support to properly align for punches, and in general my hands just feel "alive" in these gloves.

    The leather feels thick and durable, and the only thing I really worry about is the stitching holding the laces in place. Hopefully they'll withstand the test of time because I love these gloves!"

    Sherdog Review:
    My initial concerns were dead on. Within a few weeks, the top loop near the thumb on both gloves was pulled at too awkward an angle and ripped off. However, this didn't really affect the ability of the rest of the lacing system to lock down the gloves and they still feel secure and tight. I really like the laceup system and want to try Ringside's version of it some time (given that they seem to have originated it and Title mimicked it).

    The paneling system on the back of the wrist is fantastic and does a great job of keeping proper fist/wrist alignment.

    The leather has begun to crack a bit after about 4 months of good use. I'll be honest, this is the only pair of gloves I've owned (and I've owned far too many in the short time I've been boxing) that's shown visible wear like this in such a short time. I don't know too much about gloves in terms of long-term appearance or quality, but it doesn't seem to be too problematic.

    The padding seems to be injection-molded foam and it holds a good shape with very good padding. I find the padding more than adequate without being "squishy" and can get some awesome pop on the bag with it. I lent the gloves to a much, much better boxer (two time state Golden Gloves) and he raved about the padding and comfort of the gloves, claiming that he didn't have his normal knuckle soreness that he got from other brands (Triumph, Everlast, Fighting, Ringside, etc).

    All in all I think these gloves are worth the $60. I'm typing this during a break at work, so I don't have any personal photos of it to share. The best I can do now is the stock photo from Title, but I'll have some real ones to show the issues, fit, etc later.

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