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tire weight

Putting it on a big scale.

Or looking up the model number on the internet.
a big scale will be a problem :), couldnt find a model number but i guess it is there so i will keep searching for it. was wishing for some awsome math tip :D
Throw it in a pool and measure by how much the water rises. Look up the weight per unit of volume of rubber. Might not sink though, dunno.
It's hard to guess by looking at it because they have different interior thicknesses. Another thing you can do is look up videos of strongman competitions and see what the different size tires look like and compare them to yours, but the same problem arises.


any ideas on what this might weigh? I really needed an excuse to post this find from today.
Or looking up the model number on the internet.

Ding Ding!

The model # should be on there somewhere man, you just have to look.

You might also have to clean that dirty fucker.
Haha, could you imagine how hard it would be to pull a 500lb tire or so out of a pool. I remember trying to flip a 500lber that was filled full of rain water. I still hurt.
the large one in the pic should weigh approx. 220 +/-10 lbs.