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*****tip of the day*****


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Apr 13, 2004
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i am by no means a grappling authority, but its been crazy slow around this forum so here's a little tip you might wanna try when rolling tonight. its basically just a really cool grip you can use from knee on belly, or halfguard also, that really immobilizes your opponent and leaves you with your typical knee on belly submissions - cross choke, near and far armbars, baseball bat choke, etc.

when you are on your opponent's right side, pop up to knee on belly in the usual way. usually, when you are able to gain control from here, many people will switch grips so that their lower hand (the one that is towards your opponent's feet when in side mount) is holding the near collar, and your upper hand (left in this instance) is pulling up on your opponent's near (right) sleeve. here's the variation:

instead of going for your opponent's near-side collar with your right hand, grab the lower part of his left lapel and pass it underneath his left arm (looks like there is a strong breeze blowing his lapel under his arm and behind him). once passed underneath, you need to lower yourself down a little bit and pass the lapel to your left hand, which should be behind your opponent's head - so you are now holding the lower part of your opponent's left lapel with your left hand, and it is going under his left armpit, across his upper back, and behind his head, coming out on the right side of his head. now pass the lapel to your right hand, and get control of his near sleeve - it should now look like the typical knee on belly control position although you have the funky grip on the lower part of the lapel and its all tied around your opponent.

this grip is nasty for a couple reason's. the most important one is that, by pulling in with the funky-bottom lapel grip, you make it impossible for your opponent to turn towards you as it is holding him down by pinning his far shoulder to the mat, making escape very very difficult. also, you have all the standard collar chokes, but you must use the bottom part of the lapel - which you will find is much much much easier to grab than the collar when someone is defending. i.e. if you are going for a cross collar choke, both your hands will be holding onto your opponent's lapel and using that as a substitute for the collar. its easier to grab because its on your opponent's back, where establishing a grip is hard to defend. this is also a sick grip to use when passing the half guard for many of the same reasons. once you have this grip in half guard, try the "knee rudder" half guard pass (this grip will prevent him from taking your back, so no worries about that) and switch to a cross collar choke from half guard - i catch a lot of people with this submission and its easier to finish if you have freed your leg at least past your knee from his half guard.

i hope this explaination is clear enough. let me know if you need more detail. also, see haylik's thread on tips from knee on belly - its got lots of submissions to work fro k.o.b.

Nice tip.

We've actually been working a lot of lower lapel chokes lately. A lot of them are rather tricky and will catch your opponent by suprise.
This is a great grip to use. I've been playing with it some. I find I have trouble passing the lapel to the other hand for the cross collar choke, so I actually like to just spin to baseball bat.
Yeah I love this grip as well. I like to use this grip a lot from half-guard (top or bottom) and knee on belly.
Thanks for the tip, I have seen my instructor use this grip on people before.
im glad you guys liked it. let me know how it works for you next time you use it while sparring.
i use this grip all the time when i have someone in side control. it stops your oponent from turning into you and shrimping out.
good set up for a lot of chokes and armbar transitions
great post
I've been trying to get this grip lately (after watching Mundial 2004 footage), but without really knowing what I'm doing, so I've been tooled big time when I start messing around with it.
Good discription. I see what I've been doing wrong (left arm wasn't behind the neck), and I'll try this next class.
extra tip for guys that have trouble passing the closed guard
this works for me...
, when someone has you in the guard and both of his hands are holding you he is lighter in weight and easier to stand up with for passes,
when he has both hands behind his head, it makes his body very heavy and you should go for passes where you dont have to stand.
if he has one hand behind him, attack the side the hand is behind his head and he will then give you the opportunity to pass standing
Tip on injuries.
i am not a doctor, but i have seen various injuries around the U.S. in my travels.
1. if it hurts something is wrong
2. if it pops something is wrong
3. if you get heel hooked and your knee is hurting a lot, you may need to go see a doctor.
4. sore and dislocated fingers are part of the sport, buddy tape them when needed, it helps a lot
5. very sore elbows from getting arm barred do not heal while you are still training, that elbow needs rest, ice, heat and possibly a doctor visit.
6. cauli ear... get over it, you wanted to be a grappler. Doctors can drain them and help you.
7. busted up toes happen, especially on the black wrestling mats, tape them and be a littl e careful for a while on them.
8. you got neck cranked and it is hurting...no games here, stop training till it is better, and you might need to see a doctor.
9. sore back.. what can you do that doesnt need your back....nothing. take care of your back or you will be sorry later in life.
10. i want to compete but i am injured...there are more tournaments later in the year, dont screw up and hurt yourself more. and you could stand to hurt that precious record with a loss due to being hurt.
11. your body needs rest, dont train everyday like a mad man and get weak, get some rest, it also helps from getting burned out feelings.
12. i am rusty due to not training in a while.....expect approxamatly a 10% increase towards where you were at when you stopped each week on long layoffs, a lot more increase on shorter ones.
there are exceptions to this rule if you are in great shape cardio wise.
13. when grappling becomes a chore, take some time off and re focus

guardpasser said:
13. when grappling becomes a chore, take some time off and re focus

some of the best advice ever^^^
Colin is a very good blue belt that I've learned a lot from just watching. I'll try this advice out.