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Timerless Jump Rope HIIT??


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Dec 23, 2003
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I want to do HIIT and my prefered method of cardio is jumprope. Problem is I don't have a timer to time the "hard" and "moderate" cycles of the intervals, and counting seconds whle I jump rope confuses my rhythm and makes me trip more often. So can I do HIIT on the jump rope using number of jumps instead of time?

Something like this:

250jump warmup
60 jump HARD
120 jump moderate
60 jump HARD
120 jump moderate
...repeat for ~15mins...
200jump cooldown

Would that give me the benefits of HIIT or what? If not, how could I do a timerless jumprope HIIT?
Counting seconds would be easier for me to count then trying ot count that many jumps.
yeah for some reason I'm good at counting jumps but not seconds.
well i dont know about timerless, but i like to do jumprope sprints for 2 minutes a piece
buy a small kitchin timer for 4 buck at wall-mart ,targrt ect set it for how ever long you want to train set it in front of you then watch the seconds as it counts down
I was shown a similar thing not too long ago that takes about 3 minutes up and down

10 slow
10 fast
10 slow
20 fast

up to 50 and down again.

Admitedly you can't sprint for the whole duration, but it sure gets your arms used to the lactate involved in boxing (yes yes and skipping)