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Time spent drilling/wrestling for beginners?

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Hey guys i need some input here. I never wrestled before or did jiu jitsu, all i knew before i joined my gym was what i had seen on UFC. With this being said, how much time do you guys usulay spend drilling/rolling when you first started out at your gym? My instructor has us drill for at the most 10 minutes then the rest of the hour is spent free wrestling. I just dont feel like i am learning enough to wrestle with all of the vets in the class, as there are no other beginners in their right now. Out class is more wrestling with subs than jiu jitsu but we do fight out of our guard. I just dont feel like the instructor knows what hes doing. I have never learned the proper posture for when i am in the guard, or much of what to do with my hands, and only a couple passes for the matter. Also, after the first day i wnated to quit, i have been in it for a month and a half but after the first day the instructor put 12-15 knees into my chest, i almost puked. When i say put them into my chest i mean it, he would put all his weight on his knee and make me push out, the only problem is everytime i would push out he would counter to the othe side and drop another knee on me. I feel all he wants to do is wrestle and win, he is ontop of me and submitting me constantly, even when he is ontop of me destroying me i ask him for adviced and he doesnt give me very much. What should i do? Dont you feel that drilling for 5-10min and wrstling for 45 per class is a little lop sided? I feel i need to wrestle to get better, but i cant wrestle if i dont know the basics.
Sory for the long post, all help is appreciated.
(P.S.) in one month of class, i have had to stop for one week due to a pulled groin muscle, adn for one week do to chest wall pain/internal bruise on my ribs due to all of the knees, even when i defend the knee he slides my knee away and puts it on me.
Well, first, that isn't Jiu Jitsu. Is this an MMA club? And are classes only one hour? When do you stretch?

Tell your teacher this. From reading it, it doesn't seem like a very good gym at all. But I could just be misinterpreting it. Ask your teacher what he wants you to do.
I know it isnt jiu jitsu, its wrestling with subs. We stretch for a few minutes after we warmup and pummel. Only stretchs i know are from Royces book SUPERFIT, i wasnt taught any stretches in class. I wish i could just ask my instructor, if it was that easy i wouldnt need any advice. Like i said, i ask him for help on escapes while we wrestle but all it seems like he wants to do is win, isnt interested in helping me escape just wants to wrestle.
No it is acctual calsses, its a mma gym not club. The class is usualy ahour, twice a week a hour and a half.
Change club.

We do about 15 minutes warming up (most people arrive early and stretch beforehand anyway), 45 minutes of drills and techniques and 30 minutes sparring.