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time for a routine review with aim to going for strongman


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Mar 11, 2007
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so i figured i should write out my current training routine
my aim for 2013 is to put a solid years training in and possibly look at maybe doing an amateur strongman competition
my gym has a few items of strongman equipment stored away that it gets out in the summer months and are used on sunday mornings
im currently 230lbs at 5,9 and 20% bodyfat
im running a hybrid 5,3,1 routine

submission wrestling

freestyle wrestling

deadlift 5,3,1
rack deadlift for 1 set of 3-5 reps (use 150% of final lift)
defecit deadlift 1 set of 3-5 reps (use 75% of rack deadlift)
front squat 5 x 10
good mornings 5 x 10
krok row 1 x 25
ab work

military press 5,3,1
log lift rep work on 90kg log
log cleans working on doubles
laterals 5 x 10
lat pulldowns 5 x 10
grip work

friday off

squats 5,3,1
rack squats 1 set of 3-5 reps (150% of final weight)
bottom position squats 1 set of 3-5 reps (75% of rack squat)
dumbell lunges 5 x 10
leg curls 5 x 10
dimmel deadlifts 1 x20
ab work

bench press 5,3,1
pull ups
arm work

i dont access to a GHR or hyperextension apparatus
i am trying to use fat gripz on as many movement as possible to improve my grip.
i have never really been a big fan of bench press so am forcing myself to do it on a sunday. once the strongman training starts in the summer i will consolidate my two pressing days into one

thank you for looking over my routine
any tips would really be appreciated

here is my most recent log lifting set
once i hit failure i start adding 5kg a side and work the log clean for doubles
I.like the looks...what's the difference between rack.squats and bottom position
I.like the looks...what's the difference between rack.squats and bottom position

rack squat is working the top third of the movement with the bar on the pins
bottom position is with the support bars at the bottom position of squat
if that makes sense
im explaining it terribly
i will try look up some youtube videos

bottom position squat

rack squats
these arent my videos
just ones i found on youtube
Rack squats look like a waste of time to me. Never failed at the top of the lift.
Well for starters - you're saying that you deficit dead and bottom position squat 12.5% more than the weight you used for the 5/3/1 work sets?
sorry im not explaining it well
i totally fucked up explaining my percentages
say your last work set is 100kg
so from that i add 50% for my rack deadlift of 150kg
then i divide by 2 so i do a defecit deadlift of 75kg
i have no idea why i put 75% down
Rack squats look like a waste of time to me. Never failed at the top of the lift.
to be honest i mainly use rack squats because when i do alot of them i normally make preet good jumps in my squat numbers. i find if you rack squat a number that you have as a target lift it really takes away the nerves. just having say 200kg on your back and feeling it helps when you eventually try to squat it correctly.
but maybe thats just me.
Put more work into fewer exercises. For example, drop the rack pulls for more work with deficit deads. Ease up on the overload work.
so would you say instead of 1 set of rack squats and 1 set of defecit squats i should just do 2 sets of defecit squats?
Two, or ideally, more sets. Even if it means less other stuff.
so is 75% of final lift from 5,3,1 roughly a good target weight for defecit work?
so 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps for defecit deadlifts and bottom position squats after working the main movement?

so instead of 5 x 10 for things such as lunges maybe cut down to 3 sets
im finding im doing less grip work now that im using fat gripz on alot of my working sets