Till were does your GI jacket reach?

way too long. you will be choked by it or have it wrapped around your arms by anyone who is semi-knowledgable
Weonlywonsixtwo said:
Mine goes About an Inch above the knees. Is this too long?

:eek: Seeing you in that must be quite the sight. Don't bother with tailors, etc. All the alterations might weaken it and it'' just rip. Donate it to the jolly green giant and get yourself one that fits.
You bought a girl's gi.
This is not the kimono you need:

Weonlywonsixtwo said:
How do i shrink the hieght only then?

Ya really can't. You're going to have to find a tailor that can take some off the bottom. Most tailors have a problem because the lapel is so damm thick. I have had to do it everytime I but a kimono. It's no big deal but it can be expesive.
If the pants fit but the jacket is way too long, I think someone messed up your order. They probably gave you a jacket a few sizes too big.

Send it back and get the right size.
long enough to be considered a gi JACKET
infamous mattyd said:
local drycleaner/tailor can shorten it for you no problem
I wouldnt say no problem.... Most kimonos are to thick to be sewn in a normal sewing machine.

THe skirt probably wouldnt be to bad but the collar wouldnt be able to be sewn.

Take it to a shoe or leather shop..... only people who will have a machine that can go through it.