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Tight fit gi vs. loose fit gi for tournament


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Jun 17, 2008
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I have a few different gi's. One is very loose and one has a tight fit. What do you think would be my advantage to wear to a tournament? Does it matter. I was thinking the tighter fit to protect my collar against chokes. Also is there is a difference between loose fitting gi pants and tight pants for a tournament? What do your guys prefer? Does it make a difference? What do you guys think?
Tight. As long as its legal and doesn't look like you painted it on.
tight gi, but take your other gi with you just in case it doesn't meet the requirements.
tighter is better, but too tight isn't legal and might fuck your flexibility.
i have a gi that i accidentally shrunk a bit and although its tight and hard for my opponent to use, it can be restricting at times
My Keiko gi is like that..decently tight in the chest and upper arms, I shrunk it pretty good too which I didn't initially mean to do, but I love it. It's getting ratty but I would hate to replace it.
I prefer a looser, more comfortable gi. I care more about my freedom of movement than having a close cut gi my opponent can't grab. The best balance in a competition gi (for me) would prob be a relaxed fit gi with a thicker collar (I like my koral for that).

Of course, it depends a lot on your personal style and preferences.
Agreed. i feel super restricted in a tight gi. I like my gi floppy and loose. The first gi I got three years ago was loose and I just got use to it and actually prefer it now.
We were doing lapel chokes the other day in class and my partners were bitching about how short my gi was. So obviously it's more difficult to choke a tighter gi.
I shrunk me gi so its just past my elbow. Im pretty sure it has to be illegal but I have'ent been called on it yet
the gi has to meet the measurement requirements for the ibjjf. it should be neither tight nor loose.
I shrunk me gi so its just past my elbow. Im pretty sure it has to be illegal but I have'ent been called on it yet

it is 100% illegal. any BJJ tournament should call you on it. I'd be very suprisded if you were allowed to compete like that outside of somerthing like naga
I used to like the thick double weave Judo gi with the sleeves as short as I could get them and still be legal. Once I switched to the Atama I found that I move much better in it. I gave away my double weave b/c last time I tried to wear it I felt like my movement was restricted. My advice would be don't learn BJJ with a gi that's hard to grab, learn the proper defense.