Tiger Balm Internationals



Hey guys was just curious if anyone here competed in the recent Tiger Balm Internationals that took place this past weekend. Overall it was a good event and seemed like the fighters had a good time. I competed in the San Shou 140 division (SF-10), anyone else?
how'd u do?

I was at the tigerbalm but didnt compete(my friend did bjj).

some really good fights there and some of the sword forms were nice to watch. I was surprised that chest gear was optional this time in ss
I did really good, I had 2 San Shou fights and I won both fairly easily. I was in the Batman shorts with the thai boxing arm bands you may have seen one or both of my fights. I busted my foot in my second fight (kicked an elbow hard) so after I won I pulled out due to injury (couldnt stand on it) so I ended up with bronze but judges said I was favoured to win gold so next time, hey atleast I didnt lose ;P
I was there and competed in the continuous stand up under 200lb and grabbed bronze. Was tough for me being 180 I should have dropped weight but it was my first time and I didn't know the weight classes. I didn't like the whole event cause I had to wait around for 8 hours before fighting.