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Thrilled about Gonzaga's performance

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Yeah Gonzaga looked gassed not even half way into the second round, but boy, it was so great to see him relentlesly going for the takedown.

I was impressed with Rothwell's takedown defense and ability to pop right back up when taken down.
I wouldn't be, dude was sucking air after the first minute. He only looked slightly better than Rothwell.
I wouldn't be, dude was sucking air after the first minute. He only looked slightly better than Rothwell.

Just seeing Gonzaga prioritize the ground game makes me really happy after his performances against JDS and Schaub.
I know , gonzaga is scary if he remembers he is a grappler.
They both looked gassed in the first minute.

Happy the Gonz though.
Anyone in the UFC -- save Cain Velasquez -- would gas trying to repeatedly take down Ben Rothwell.

Gonzaga should have adopted this strategy long ago, however. He might have been able to pull off something against JDS or Schaub.

Gonzaga was actually the first person to take down JDS in the UFC.
I wanted Ben to land more shots but he just could not get to Gonzaga, hats off to Gonzaga, I hope Ben does not get cut, he went down to Brasil and I think he should get to fight again in UFC, please keep him UFC.
Those were some of the slowest punches I have ever seen thrown, it made the UFC look bad.
If those two guys fought 10 times, they probably split 5-5 or one of them gets the edge 6-4. They are both powerful, but sloppy heavyweights who have many flaws in their game. Gonzaga is more talented, but Ben is tougher and seems to have slightly better conditioning.

All that said, job well done by Gonzaga in getting the win tonight.
He looked gassed, but he also looked much slimmer than I remember. Good win for him. Bummed for Rothwell.
it's one thing to bag on gonzaga for his cardio considering he looked gassed when they were announcing their names, but for having that crap of cardio he had a dang good fight. he got hit with one good shot, but outside of that controlled every second of the fight.

now rothwell, he just didn't look good. not sure what that was all about.
He did seem to tire quickly but he definitely looks good focusing on his bjj.
Ben was fucking robbed

Of what? He tapped out.

Anyway both fighters looked off, sort of disoriented, I guess due to the travel (Gonzaga lives in central Mass), they didn't look so much slow as awkward and tired, but Gonzaga hits hard and that was a nice guard pull, I can't imagine it being nice to have a 250 pound guy hanging on your neck. I'm really happy Gabe won.