Threads taking a while to update when a page rolls over?



I've noticed this problem a lot and it is fairly frustrating. I've never experienced this on any other forum, so I don't know if it is a result of the sheer volume of user traffic or what. Anyways, sometimes when a post is made that requires a new page to be added to the thread it takes a minute to appear.

For example, let's say there's a thread called "Fighter X's new interview."

Posts: 10 (10 posts per page)
User K replies to the thread, bringing the post tally up to 11. Because the default amount of posts displayed per page is 10, a new page is required for the post.
On the main forum page where you can see the list of current threads you will see that there is a new post in the thread by User K. However, when you click the option to be taken to the post, you are instead directed to page 1, as page 2 doesn't exist yet.

Does this make any sense? I'm not the best at explaining things, and I'm hoping someone else has noticed this that can fill in any blanks. Either way, it is insanely annoying, and it lasts anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes from what I've seen.

Hope this helps.

Oh, by the way, it doesn't seem to be browser specific as I've experienced this in both Firefox and IE.
I have had the same issue i will try and suss it out for you and see what the problem is
I was having the same problem but I just decided it wasn't so bothersome. Glad to see it wasn't only me.
B&S Suggestions thread list still shows Ehrhardt52 as the most recent post for me. Odd'

edit: Now says Brackis1, but that they're only 3 replies. Whereas I count 4 replies.
I tried making this it's own thread but it wouldn't post for some reason. Any way it might be related to the OP's problem.

Say I am in a thread that is 24 pages long. I'll post and when I get redirected all of a sudden the thread is 12 pages long. Are things suppose to work like this? I'll come back later and things might be back to normal and my post will be on a different page further down in the page count.

For instance in the above scenario even though the initial page count was 24 after I post it says there are only 12 pages and my post was on page 12. I'll come back later and the thread might have 30 pages with my post being on page 24 now. It makes it hard to keep a conversation in a thread.
Yeah, this problem continues. The first post in a new page cannot be viewed. You must have 2 posts in the page before you can view the page.

This is not a problem in very active threads, but is a problem in threads with less volume. Like my training log.