This Week in BJJ Episode 43 - Keenan Cornelius & Michael Liera Jr

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by MuaythaiOC, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Was watching This Week in BJJ with Keenan Cornelius and Michael Liera Jr. (link)
    They talk about a lot of interesting topics and the changes in Jiu Jitsu that are making it more profitable than transition to MMA.

    Technique wise Michael Liera showed attacking the omoplata from a De La Riva Pass and then rolling to the crucifix. He then shifted his weight back a bit more to create an increase in reach. This can be seen in Part 2

    Also Liera Jr refers to a Pan Am 2013 match between Buchecha vs Andre Galvao. Exciting match and Buchecha at one point locks down the position Michael shows in the technique portion of This Week in BJJ.

    Interested about those implementing this within their game already. I use the leg lasso guard and have a decent roll omoplata attack where I usually get the sweep rather than the submission because my opponent rolls. What is the opinion on this attack?

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