this might be wierd


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Jan 6, 2006
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i grappe 5 times a week.... and i get hit in the nuts all the time.... heres the catch i have elephatiatis in my nuts .... there like a little smaller than baseballs..... i cant wear a cup becasue of the size what whould u do if u were me......

p.s. when i do my arm bars the oppents forearm goes really close to them i sqeeze my knees together any thing esle i should do

I wouldn't grapple until you get treatment and/or surgury to treat the elephantiasis. Since the pathogen can be transmitted via blood (or at least mosquito bites) you can spread it to other people.
bro you are not asking the right people... we are all grapplers go see a Dr. ASAP, dont mess around with that its too serious, good luck though and hope you have a speedy recovery
Are you for real?
Did a doctor diagnose you with elephantiasis of the nuts or did you diagnose yourself?

One last rhetorical question: Isn't the answer obvious?
a doctor did a few years ago ........ they got a lot better used to be grape fruits ....... but they still a little bigger the normal
i would hate to be in your triangle, i would be pissed