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Mar 9, 2006
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Im not knocking JDS. When you rewatch JDS vs. Nelson you see Roy taking JDS shots and still moving forward and at the end of the third rd you can see JDS slowing down and backing up. Now you take out Nelson and put Velasquez and you have someone who has the chin to take a shot, wreslting that JDS hasnt felt before and a pace he's never had to handle.

Can JDS beat Velasquez if he isnt able to knock him out?
No, he cannot.

JDS's only recourse has been boxing and his take down defense. I find it hard to imagine him fighting in a different way. In fact, it's funny that Minotauro started boxing better and he apparently learned no ground game from Minotauro. Unfair trade.

Another silly question to be thrown: was JDS the most unidimensional champ we've seen?
was JDS the most unidimensional champ we've seen?

I'm sure people will say Brock was. I think to get to be Champ you have to have more than one facet to your game, and JDS utilised his TDD expertly. It wasn't even easy for Cain to take him down. He wasn't one dimensional, Cain just outclassed him.