Think I broke My Knuckle....


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Aug 8, 2006
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Got in a street fight thursday, im not that type of guy at all cus i didnt want to risk injury to my training...but it was a situation where i absolutly had to, and just my luck, my hand swelled up pretty good...

anyway, think i broke the large knuckle in my hand, is there anything i can do, where i can still train my boxing..ive heard that eventually a broken knuckle just gets kinda calised(excuse the spelling), and eventually wont be a problem...but i dunno that sounds kinda sketchy to me...

anyone else ever brake knuckles, and train boxing? any advise would be a big help...

maybe just double wrap???
Well i'm pretty much a beginner. But I would say go to the doctor. And if you can't punch with your hand train punching with your other hand. Cardio or weight lifting. Footwork, head movement stuff like that.

I always use the 15' handwraps because I feel it gives me more padding and protection to my knuckles and wrists. Maybe try using those and spar / hit the heavy bag with the 16 oz gloves. Train on the speed bag alot also, you should be able to do that even with a messed up knuckle. Hope that helps.
Train cardio and let it heal. im sure you "could" train threw it, but like all injuries, its better to let them heal properly then have problems forever because you dont want to take 2 weeks off.

Id just go for cardio, shadow box if you can, and work on footwork. Dont hit anything.

But before you do any of this go see a doctor. He could tell you good news you never know until you go.
At least have a doctor look at it and give you an evaluation. Otherwise, you'll just set yourself back years down the line.
thanks vey much for all your responses...

so i went to the doctor, turns out, nothing is broken!!!!! apparently, the guy had a dirty mouth or something, and i must have cut my knuckle on one of his teeth or something, and it got infected and thats why it was extremely i was given some medicine, and my hand should be fine in a few days..

i was jumping for joy knowing that, big relief for me...

again thanks for the feedback guys...
I would recommend you going to the doctor.
I have hurt my left hand's fingers so many times blocking strikes that my fingers are a little deformed right now. So yeah go have an X-ray, don't be like me lol

EDIT: oh you already went, nevermind. good it's not broken
Good to hear! FYI, guy probably didn't have THAT dirty of a mouth. Humans have VERY dirty mouths and almost all bites lead to an infection.