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The Way of Pain: JRT6's war training log


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May 4, 2007
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"Mr.Pain" is a nickname given to me by someone I ugh, helped motivate to let go of his steering wheel back when I was a pup.

The purpose of this log is to record my progress in preperation for a possible future amatuer old geezer MT fight. I'm a 37 year old former powerlifter and as everyone has already heard me whine a million times before I have basically rhematiod arthritis for sake of easy description.

Anyway I can still bench (floor press) over 300lbs and I'm nearing my goal of ATG squating 405 for 2x12. I'm also working on being able to climb a rope with my 250lb bone spurred ass.

My fight training history: I have a second degree black belt in TKD, a green belt in JJJ (useless) and have been back into training for about a year after a 10 year lay off. I was doing MMA but do to a much better training situation I'm doing BJJ four days a week and MT on saturdays. I can do MT on tues and thurs too but that costs money and I will wait to see if an investment is worth it.

My strengths are my conditioning and my striking teschnique. I know how to punch, kick, clinch etc. My serious weakness is putting it together in a fight. I'm not used to seeing a head punch coming or dealing with punching combos. My offense is very linnear and my footwork is the same.

I will record what I'm doing and try to post some videos so that experienced guys here can advise me whether I'm going in the right direction or should just stay working the heavy bag and watching fights on tv.

http://<embed width="448" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="http://i59.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid59.photobucket.com/albums/g284/JRT6/MVI_0132.flv">

Oh good, you have a log! Curious, are your girls interested in anything you do?
I was so wired up after work last night that I just came home and did a squat workout. How much does a half inch mean to my squat? Nearly 100lbs. I added a 1/2in mat because dropping onto the box was scaring me and I was able to do 365 for 2x13 with 45 seconds rest. The leg part was easy and the only thing holding me back is my lower back in the ATG position. I will hit my goal of near ATG 405 x2 x12 by summer easy.

Today I will do some shadow boxing and bag work using the drills I did in class last saturday and tonight I will try my new kimono out at BJJ. Tomorrow is standup sparring day and I will have more to report.

My new Ab wheels BTW are harder to do than the single wheel. More stability is needed and it feels good.

Nice log. I'll stop in from time to time to make fun of cops. Good luck with the fight training.
Good to see you moved your log here JT. Keeping a log at Ross' isn't as fun = )
MT went ok today. Worked on my step out right and left techniques. I've gotten into the habit of not rotating my right hip on the straight somehow. Didn't have fun today, getting corrected by newbies who suck was annoying the living shit out of me especially when they didn't like me to make suggestions to them. I was just not feeling like myself. I'm stretching from the book "Stretch to Win" and eventhough I just started it like three days ago I can touch my face withg the heal of my foot. Unfortunately when I discovered this after class today during warm downs, and having announced it to everyone, I pulled a muscle in my hip. That book was like 12- and in 3 days it's done more for me than 10 months of the Magnificant (Ripoff) Mobility DVD at 60-.
On a positive note I'm getting much better at keeping my guard up during combos and I'm not dragging my right near as much. I've really been working on that.
Awesome to finally see your log here. Do you take any supps for joints? (check Newt's log for a thorough example of joint supps...)...I have had great success with glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM and hyaluronic acid and fish oil...there are other supps like SAMe or Fatty Complexes(Celadrin) that could also be effective...I know Newt takes SAMe...

have you considered dropping weight to ease joint stress?
I take all those supps already.. I've condsidered dropping weight many times but my BF is already pretty low at least by my definition, 10%, and my hips are unaffected and my knees are probably in the best shape of all my effected joints so if I drop a few pounds that's fine but I'm not trying to. Actually I've lost about 8lbs as it is since I dropped the fast food. I'm around 249-251 down from 258-261.

A problem that I have noticed, as if I couldn't, is that when I stand for a long period of time or do kicks for an hour my back feels like it's wants to give out one me. I've been reading that this is trypical of people who sit at work and I sit for 12hrs. If this new stretching program I'm on dosen't help by restoring balance and mobility in whatever in my back and hips is out of whack then I may need phsical therapy.
Ok as soon as I posted the above ^^^ I went down stairs and re-did my floor press. 280x2x12 with 30 seconnds rest and legs flat on the foor. Considering I had benched eight hours earlier the weight went the way it should and that is also encouraging that I'm not going to heavy or hard. Even on the last set I have to have at least one rep left in me, that is the plan and that is the plan that is going to keep me doing this for a long time to come.

I then did some bag and shadow boxing work and the good thing is that my step out foot work is getting better. It's frustrating when you are in MA for years and and learn to use angles, go to boxing for a while where they make you turn in circles and then going back to MA and returning to angles.

I did 100 ab roll outs with a 50lb vest on to get readly for my last conditoning challenge of March and now a day later it almost hurts to poo:D
This is not turning out to be the best week ever. There is no MT this week and I feel like I'm falling behind in gi BJJ. New guys are giving me too much trouble. i'm not a natural athlete to begin with (PC for i was allways picked last in gym class) but given enough time I do get somthing learned for good. Still I have over a year no gi experience.

Squat i went back to the 10in even box and the weight was 315x2x12 and was easy. My one quad muscle felt kinda weird on a rep and i called it a day but I wasn't struggleing at all.

Floor Press today was a disaster. I was doing 275x3x8 (30 sec) and on the last rep my right tri did it's spasm thing that totally scares the shit out of me and seriously stresses me out. I usually do 275x2x13 with 30secs rest but that is easy. Any time I increase the dificulty to the point i have to push hard my bald elbow does this. I need to control my ego once and for all and stick to the 275x2x12-15 and be at peace. Blast strap pushups on the other hand went well and i did 9 straight reps with the 2in rope on rope pull ups.

I have 3 more gi classes this week and possibly a no gi. All standup will be bag and shadow work.
Good stuff I will be following your log i'm sure you have corrected some things in the video but yea dude you have SO much power left in your punches really turn those hips a punch is ground up.

Good log keep it up!
Well weds BJJ J went good in regards to the drills. The gi is still driving me nuts in rolling. I've started to do some homework on that.

Thursuday I skipped BJJ because I was tired from shift rotation, the 12hr weds, thurs shift and the fact my two year old wanted to put her to bed. I ended up having nightmares and regret over skipping working out. I got up at 0400 this morning and did my squat workout two days early (again). 325x2x15 and it was almost easy. Probably would have been even easier if I took the other two rest days. I then mopped the basement becasue my backyard right now is a mud pit and my dogs track a lot of dirt in.

I will do some standup drills and some kind of conditioning later today. Sat and Sun is just bjj because MT got cancelled this week and next week i have to work on saturday.