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The UFC gets mad at fighters for doing dangerous things, yet give away motorcycles

Have you ever thought they do it because Harley Davidson is a big sponsor?
"Here's a brand new motorcycle, but if you ride it, we will cut you"
Harley Davidson =! UFC
lol good point.

After what happened with Frank Mir I'm actually a little shocked the UFC still does this. If not for that bike accident...well who knows how long he could have reigned as UFC champ?
No bike accident and I don't see anyone beating Mir until the pride guys came over - and even then, maybe not until the modern era of giant HW's.
Gotta bring in dat paper, son!

Harley pays good money.
Ironic when you consider how dangerous their day jobs are...
They don't care about the fighters as much as they care about money.

If the Russian Roulette Society of Moscow was offering a billion dollars to sponsor the UFC, Zuffa would give away revolvers.
At least they're not sponsored by Heckler & Koch.

Can they ride it when they don't have a fight lined up?
Well, nothing says you can't put the motorcycle on ebay. Rich Franklin did that with a Hummer back in the day.
Fighting skills aside, I would never be signed to the UFC. If that's the way they play ball